ECHO PRS-231M Power Rotary Scissors

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A versatile attachment that can be used to complete a plethora of jobs and compatible with a range of brushcutters.

The PRS-213M proves to be versatile

The ECHO PRS-213M power rotary scissors can be attached to brushcutters or trimmers to perform a variety of jobs such as edging and even clearing wetland or uncovering drains, its versatility is endless!

Can be used near windows and vehicles

Designed in a way to prevent kickback of any debris; the power rotary scissors ensure a safe operation and can be used near vehicles or  windows.

Designed to be used on a variety of jobs

With a flat bottom design, the PRS-213M is great at uncovering hidden landmarks.  Furthermore, the PRS-213M can also be used for trimming at water's edge and wetland with ease.  Turn the PRS-213M to ensure easy edging which is handy when using around golf bunkers or the edges of the lawn for a precise cut. 


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