ECHO DLM-310/35P Battery Lawnmower (Shell Only)

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A powerful ECHO DLM 310-35P with high power performance and long run times, ideal for use on domestic lawns.

This ECHO DLM 310-35P is built for power and precision with lightweight features for enhanced manoeuvrability making it the ideal mower for effortless care on domestic lawns.  

Features for better productivity and results

This lawnmower has built in front comb and wheels that are built in to the chassis width enabling the user to cut right up to surfaces for a better finish.  In addition, the ECHO DLM 310-35P features a large volume grass collection bag that reduces the frequency of the bag needing to be emptied by the user, thus enhancing productivity levels. 

The ECHO lawnmower comes with central height adjustment feature which allows the user to easily adjust the grass length with 5 positions from 20 to 70 mm.

Comfortable design

The ECHO DLM 310-35P comes with a foldable carry handle that is convenient for the user to move and store the machinery with ease.  In addition, the mower is kitted with soft-grip material on the handle which not only reduces the vibrations passed on to the user,  but it also enhances the control of the mower for the user.

Adding to the comfort design, ECHO has made this mower compact and lightweight, weighing only 14.2 kg, to allow the user to manoeuvre the mower easily and effortlessly, dramatically reducing user fatigue.

Safety features

The DLM 310-35P features electronic overload protection to protect the tool and battery from overload or phase failure damage, adding to the durability and making it safer for the user.  In addition, the mower features a safety key that  stops the mower starting unintentionally, further adding to the high safety measures implemented to look after the user.

Battery and Charger sold separately

This lawnmower requires a battery and charger to operate, and these are sold separately as you may already have other battery operated tools from the ECHO Garden+ Series.  This DLM 310-35P mower is compatible with the ECHO 40 V battery range and ECHO recommends using the most powerful battery in their range; the 4.0 Ah battery.

Battery Run time Charge time 0-100%
LBP-36-80 (2.0 Ah) up to 26 minutes 60 minutes
LBP-36-150 (4.0 Ah) up to 46 minutes 120 minutes

Watch the Mower in action!

A 3 year domestic warranty with ECHO is included, we will register the machine.   T&C's apply.

  • Power source: battery
  • Rated voltage: 40 V
  • Cutting width: 35 cm / 14 inch
  • Deck type: polymer
  • Drive type: push
  • Cutting height: 20-70 mm (5 positions)
  • Collector capacity: 40 Litres
  • Weight: 15 kg
A battery is required to operate this machine and must be acquired separately.
Power Source
Battery System
Cutting Width
35 cm / 14 inch
SKU: E1-DLM-310-35P
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