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STIGA SC 48 AE Cordless Chainsaw (Shell Only)

STIGA SC 48 AE Cordless Chainsaw (Shell Only)£179.00   £159.00

Powered by the top, long lasting 48V 5 Ah Lithium battery, the Stiga SC 48 AE chain saw is equipped with an digital brushless motor for higher efficiency, low noise and less vibrations. Sold as a shell only with battery and charger available separately.

STIHL MS 170 Petrol Chainsaw

STIHL MS 170 Petrol Chainsaw£159.00

A fantastic entry-level chainsaw from STIHL that's ideal for cutting firewood. With an economical and efficient 2-MIX engine, and easy to use operating controls. This model has a 12 inch bar length.

AL-KO EKI 2200/40 Electric Chainsaw

AL-KO EKI 2200/40 Electric Chainsaw£179.00   £169.00

Alko EK2200/40 chainsaw with 14" bar

MITOX CS380X Petrol Chainsaw

MITOX CS380X Petrol Chainsaw£169.00

MITOX CS380X petrol chainsaw

MITOX CS45 Petrol Chainsaw

MITOX CS45 Petrol Chainsaw£169.00

MITOX CS45 petrol Chainsaw

COBRA petrol chainsaw CS520 18''

COBRA petrol chainsaw CS520 18"£179.99

Cobra CS520 18" petrol chainsaw

WOLF-GARTEN CSA700 Cordless Chainsaw

WOLF-GARTEN CSA700 Cordless Chainsaw£181.00

A 20 cm / 8 inch bar chainsaw that enjoys the freedom of cordless power with a Lithium-ion power pack included as standard. Ideal for light garden work, log cutting and pruning.

HUSQVARNA 135 Chainsaw

HUSQVARNA 135 Chainsaw£210.00   £189.00

This 14 inch bar chainsaw is perfect for occasional users in a garden environment, ideal for cutting firewood and felling smaller trees. It features a powerful and economical X-Torq engine.

MITOX CS410X Petrol Chainsaw

MITOX CS410X Petrol Chainsaw£189.00

MITOX CS410X petrol chainsaw

EGO CS1400E Cordless Chainsaw (Shell Only)

EGO CS1400E Cordless Chainsaw (Shell Only)£219.00   £199.00

This powerful 35cm chainsaw is completely cordless - no more fumes!

STIGA SC 24 AE Cordless Chainsaw

STIGA SC 24 AE Cordless Chainsaw£219.00   £199.00

An ergonomic and precise battery-powered tool to let you trim perfectly the shape of and tree branches and trunks, this is a very light and easy to use machine.

STIHL MS 180 Petrol Chainsaw

STIHL MS 180 Petrol Chainsaw£199.00

A 1.4 kW petrol chainsaw that is compact while retaining plenty of power and performance, ideal for cutting firewood and property maintenance. With a 14 inch / 35 cm bar length.

COBRA petrol chainsaws CS620-20''

COBRA petrol chainsaws CS620-20"£199.99

Cobra CS620 petrol chainsaw with 20" bar and chain

MITOX CS550 Petrol Chainsaw

MITOX CS550 Petrol Chainsaw£204.00

MITOX CS50 petrol Chainsaw

STIHL MS 171 Petrol Chainsaw

STIHL MS 171 Petrol Chainsaw£205.00  -  £210.00

An ideal chainsaw for general cutting and trimming, or other garden maintenance tasks. Perfect as an occasional use saw. With a choice of 12 or 14 inch bar lengths.

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Page 2 of 9:    123 Items
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