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EGO BCS1000 Chainsaw Bag

EGO BCS1000 Chainsaw Bag£56.00

Allowing you to transport and store your EGO CS1400E or CS1600E chainsaw safely and in comfort, this is a durable chainsaw bag.

HUSQVARNA Foot Breaking Bar

HUSQVARNA Foot Breaking Bar£57.80

This telescopic foot breaking bar can be carried in a holster on a belt and is designed to be used on small trees during thinning.

HUSQVARNA Breaking Bar with Cant Hook

HUSQVARNA Breaking Bar with Cant Hook£59.00

This 80 cm long breaking bar from Husqvarna is fully forged and comes with a repeat heel, turning hook and plastic handle. It is ideal for lifting in both directions.

HANDY THSHWCS Saw Horse (with Chainsaw Support)

HANDY THSHWCS Saw Horse (with Chainsaw Support)£69.99

Thanks to its all steel construction, this saw horse boasts excellent strength as well as being able to fold flat for simple storage. It has a wood diameter capacity of 25 cm.

STIHL METAL Chainsaw Sawhorse

STIHL METAL Chainsaw Sawhorse£80.00

A robust metal chainsaw sawhorse from Stihl, perfect for cutting up logs into firewood with a maximum bearing load of 100kg.

HUSQVARNA Long Breaking Bar

HUSQVARNA Long Breaking Bar£86.00

This 130 cm long breaking bar is fully forged, designed for tipping trees over the felling hinge in the intended direction. With a new design and improved material for a durable and robust product.

HANDY HP-189 Chainsaw Safety Kit

HANDY HP-189 Chainsaw Safety Kit£89.99

Containing chainsaw chaps, a helmet with visor, ear muffs and gloves, this kit is a great-value way to acquire everything you need to operate in safety.

STIHL Pressurised Water Container

STIHL Pressurised Water Container£90.00

This pressurised water container from STIHL is designed to provide a mobile water supply and ensure clean, wet cutting without dust build up. With a 10 litre capacity and supplied with coupling as standard.

COBRA CS45E Electric Chainsaw

COBRA CS45E Electric Chainsaw£99.99

The Cobra CS45E is a 2400 watt electric chainsaw, designed for the homeowner who needs a light duty saw. Features include a quality 45cm/18 inch Oregon chainsaw.

STIHL 10 Smart Connectors

STIHL 10 Smart Connectors£179.00

The STIHL Smart Connector and the STIHL App together makes managing your fleet of power tools straightforward, giving a wealth of valuable information about your tools.
MITOX PA PRO Pole Pruner Attachment

MITOX PA PRO Pole Pruner Attachment£289.00   £249.00

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Page 6 of 6:    86 Items
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