The future of mowing... is NOT mowing.

The future of mowing... is NOT mowing.

Want to spend more time enjoying the garden and less time mowing the lawn?...  Keep reading on how you can do this…


We understand that every garden is different and unique in its own way, whether it's a small urban garden or a one that is larger than life, mowing the lawn needn’t be a chore anymore.


But is there a way you can enjoy the garden without having to mow the lawn yourself?...


YES!  Let us introduce the Robotic Mower…


Who is the Robotic mower for?


The robotic mower is all about giving you the freedom to enjoy time with family and friends and to spend your time doing the things you enjoy the most, all whilst having a wonderful mowed garden come rain or shine! Time is precious and we understand that you would much rather be spending that time with your loved ones and that is why a robotic mower is the ideal solution for you!


So what exactly is a robotic mower and how does it work?


In a simple sentence… Robotic mowers do the work for you and are completely autonomous, helping you to spend your time however you want.  


Equipped with state of the art technology, the robotic mower makes mowing your lawn a breeze!  Here are some of the amazing innovative features that make robotic mowers stand out:


Smart Timer (based on the Honda Miimo) - using this feature the robotic mower uses live weather updates to adapt to the ever changing weather conditions to maintain your lawn all year round, come rain or shine, whilst you continue to do life!


Intelligent Mapping (Based on Husqvarna Automower®) - the robotic mowers memorise the lawn using GPS sensors, this map of the lawn can be customised by you using the connect technology (Based on Husqvarna Automower®). 



Stay Connected - You can stay connected and have full control over mowing schedules and setting by integrating the robotic mower to your home devices like Amazon Alexa (Based on the Honda Miimo).  


Robotic mowers are also the way forward with no emission or fumes due to being battery operated, so you can say goodbye to petrol or oil, making the robotic mower not just great for your lawn, but also for our planet!


How does the installation process work?


We offer a thorough installation service for your robotic mower, taking the hassle out of setting up so you can skip to the good bit and get to experience the benefits! For more details, contact us HERE.


So in summary… robotic mowers are lighter and have fewer moving parts; which requires less maintenance, less downtime and less money and whatever the size or complexity of your garden; there is a robotic mower for YOU!  


The Future of Mowing….

                   Is NOT Mowing!