Let's talk about... STIHL iMOW®

Let's talk about... STIHL iMOW®

Here are some tips to take care of your lawn using STIHL iMOW®


Mow high

To avoid lawns growing unevenly due to the season, weather or even grass type - pre-set your cutting height before mowing by using the wide range of cutting heights on STIHL iMOW® for a consistent and even lawn.


Mow often

To avoid weeds such as dandelions, thistles and weed grasses growing, set your iMow® to mow frequently at a high cutting height to block the light required for germination therefore acting as a defence against the growth of weeds.


Mow differently

Varying mowing direction will help to promote the grass to grow straight for an aesthetic finish.  The iMOW® can help to achieve this thanks to automatic rotational direction of the blade, all part of the iMOW® innovative cutting technology.


Mow maintenance

A healthy lawn isn’t just down to luck or chance.  With the iMOW®, the grass clippings are finely cut into small pieces to be automatically dispersed onto the lawn as natural fertiliser for the grass.  This process is known as mulching and is vital for providing the grass with nutrients to grow into a luscious lawn.  


If you want a perfect lawn without the effort; then a STIHL iMOW® robotic mower is for YOU! STIHL iMOW® takes care of your lawn so you don't have to.


Check out the STIHL iMOW® in action below!

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