Let's talk about... Honda Miimo

Wednesday, 1 June 2022  |  Admin

Let's talk about... Honda Miimo

Trust Miimo to take care of everything.  Navigating around big or small gardens, obstacles, slopes, bumps and changing weather, Miimo guaranteeing high cutting performance, is your trusted garden assistant!  


Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the Honda Miimo robotic mower range


1. The Miimo range can mow between 300 to 4000 sqm depending on the Miimo model.



2. Want to adjust the cutting height without levers? Easy!  You can adjust it between 20 mm and 60 mm at the touch of a button on the Miimo range!

3. Position the docking and charging station however and wherever you want… even under a shrub if that’s what you prefer!

4. Stay connected with the Mii-monitor smartphone app!  Allowing you to change the set-up of the mower including cutting height, from wherever you are! (Based on the Miimo HRM 3000, HRM 40 Live & HRM 70 Live).

5. Say goodbye to manually emptying a grass collector bag on the mower, and say hello to Mulching - a process where the grass cuttings are shredded in to fine particles and then dispersed back onto the lawn to provide vital nitrogen nutrients

6. Did someone say rain?  No bother.  Your faithful garden assistant, the Miimo, is waterproof and ready to mow come rain or shine!

7. Quiet as a mouse.  The Miimo will cut the grass whilst you sleep and you won't even know its working away!

8. The Miimo can work day and night and doesn't need daylight to see thanks to its bump sensors.

9. Slopes in your garden? The Miimo range has you covered, tackling inclines of up to 25% or 45 degrees.

10. The Miimo cleverly stops when it senses an obstacle and then steers around it.  For added safety, the Miimo automatically stops running if lifted and a pin code is required to restart it again, preventing theft and tampering!


So how does the Miimo work?

 The Miimo begins by mapping your entire lawn and then calculating its size to create a bespoke mowing calendar.  You can have complete control over the schedule and set up using the Mii-monitor app!  


How is it installed?

 Installation is easier than ever and requires a 4-step installation process.  You can install it yourself, or why not book one of our specially trained technicians to survey the area, set up and install the Miimo and cable for you. Contact us here for more information.


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