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BCS Rotavator Attachment

BCS Rotavator Attachment
BCS Rotavator AttachmentBCS Rotavator AttachmentBCS Rotavator AttachmentBCS Rotavator Attachment
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A heavy duty rotavator attachment up to the toughest tasks.

Thanks to its high rotor speed and proven blade design, you can easily achieve a fine tilth with this attachment. Suitable for a variety of models and available in five widths.

For a fine seed bed finish

Thanks to its high rotor speed and a prove blade design, BCS's rotavators are great tools for working through the soil to achieve perfect ground conditions for growing. The hard wearing tines feature a centre knife that breaks up the middle ground so that the entire width is rotavated, while the heavy duty J-shaped blades prevent a hard pan from forming. You can easily adjust the digging depth using a simple lever on top of the box.

An easy machine to control & operate

Thanks to a stable design and the use of BCS's power units with their large wheels, these rotavators are comfortable to control and easy to manage without downward pressure. A transport wheel is able to be added so that it is even easier to move around, if necessary, and when the power unit is in reverse the rotavator stops spinning for excellent safety.

The use of this rotavator attachment with a power unit means that you can control the digging speed using the throttle, using a slower speed to break up the earth and a faster speed to achieve a finer tilth.

For power units with the Implement Quick Coupling fitted, an Additional Coupler is required. The BCS 750 power unit also has its own unique coupler. Please check the compatibility information chart below to check if this rotavator will fit your power unit:

  • Digging Width: 46 cm (18") / 52 cm (20") 66 cm (26") 80 cm (32") 85 cm (34")
  • Digging Depth: 20 cm (8") deep on the 46 cm, 52 cm, 66 cm and 80 cm wide models, 23 cm (9") deep on the 85 cm wide model.
  • Transmission: Gears
  • PTO RPM: 990 on the 46 cm, 52 cm, 66 cm and 80 cm wide models, 825/990 on the 85 cm wide model.
  • PTO Rotation: Clockwise
  • Max working speed: 2.9 km / hr
  • No of Tines: 12 (46 cm model), 16 (52 cm model), 20 (66 cm model), 24 (80 cm model), 20 (85 cm model)
  • Dimensions (L W H): 55 x 46 x 38 cm (46 cm model), 60 x 52 x 42 cm (52 cm model), 63 x 66 x 42 cm (66 cm model), 63 x 80 x 42 cm (80 cm model), 71 x 85 x 50 cm (85 cm petrol model), 78 x 85 x 53 cm (85 cm diesel model)
  • Weight: 26 kg (46 cm model), 35 kg (52 cm model), 40 kg (66 cm model), 43 kg (80 cm model), 66 kg (85 cm petrol model), 80 kg (85 cm diesel model)

Brand:  BCS

Part Number:  Rotavators

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