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Battery Power

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SWIFT EBC20 Dynamic Charger

SWIFT EBC20 Dynamic Charger£49.99

Swift's dynamic charger gives you full power in under two hours, while also benefiting from built-in diagnostics to tell you about any issues. Compatible with Swift's 40v battery.

STIGA SDC 515 AE Dual Charger

STIGA SDC 515 AE Dual Charger£59.00   £52.50

A dual charger, this accessory means you can fully recharge two Stiga 500 Series batteries at the same time - ideal for getting back up and running in no time.

STIHL Large Battery Storage Box

STIHL Large Battery Storage Box£54.00

This is a sturdy battery box, ideal for storing STIHL AP or AR batteries and chargers. Compatible with the Sortimo L-BOXX and Sortimo Globelyst in-vehicle system.

HUSQVARNA Large Battery Box

HUSQVARNA Large Battery Box£58.50

A large box ideal for safely storing and transporting your Husqvarna batteries, chargers and other accessories, this durable and robust box is also compatible with the Systainer Box System.

HUSQVARNA QC80F 12V In-Car Charger

HUSQVARNA QC80F 12V In-Car Charger£65.00   £59.00

Intended to be used to charge your Husqvarna BLi10 to BLi300 Lithium-Ion batteries while on the move, from a 12V car or truck socket, this charger gives you outstanding flexibility.

STIGA SFC 530 AE 48V Fast Charger

STIGA SFC 530 AE 48V Fast Charger£69.00   £59.00

This Fast Charger is the best way to work efficiently, allowing you to easily recharge you 500 Series Stiga Lithium-Ion batteries in no time.

EGO BMH 1000 Multi-Tool Bag

EGO BMH 1000 Multi-Tool Bag£64.00

Allowing you to more easily transport and store in safety your EGO Multi-Took lit, this bag features wheels that makes it even simpler to move.

STIHL AK 10 Battery

STIHL AK 10 Battery£65.00

A 36 V compact Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 59 Wh, the AK 10 is designed for STIHL's Compact Cordless System. It also features a charge level indicator LED.

STIHL AL 300 Quick Battery Charger

STIHL AL 300 Quick Battery Charger£65.00

A quick battery charger for use with STIHL Lithium-ion batteries. Featuring an operating mode indicator and active battery cooling.

PELLENC Nozzle With Integrated Scraper

PELLENC Nozzle With Integrated Scraper£67.00

Pellenc nozzle with integrated scraper

EGO CH5500E Rapid Battery Charger

EGO CH5500E Rapid Battery Charger£74.99   £69.99

Rapid battery charger for EGO power batteries

STIHL AP Carrying Rucksack

STIHL AP Carrying Rucksack£70.00

An ideal alternative to a full backpack battery, this carrying system is designed to store two batteries within it, one in use and one as a spare. It is a lightweight, ergonomic design that reduces the weight of your cordless tools.

WOLF-GARTEN PP5 Lithium-ion Battery Pack

WOLF-GARTEN PP5 Lithium-ion Battery Pack£71.00

A replacement power pack for Wolf-Garten's 18 V Lithium-ion tool range, this is also an ideal purchase for use as a spare so that you can keep working for longer before you have to recharge.

STIGA SBT 520 AE 48V Lithium-ion Battery (2Ah)

STIGA SBT 520 AE 48V Lithium-ion Battery (2Ah)£89.00   £79.00

The latest Lithium-Ion technology present in this 48V Lithium-Ion battery powers Stiga's 500 Series of cordless tools with lightweight, high performance cells.

EGO BA1120E 2.0 Ah Battery

EGO BA1120E 2.0 Ah Battery£79.99

EGO 2.0 Ah battery for use with EGO cordless range

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Page 3 of 7:    103 Items
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