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Battery Power

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STIHL Battery Slot Cover

STIHL Battery Slot Cover£2.60

Able to cover the battery slot of any STIHL cordless machine, this battery slot cover protects your tool against dust and dirt during long storage periods.



Pellenc protective grill

STIHL Harness (FSA 65 / FSA 85)

STIHL Harness (FSA 65 / FSA 85)£7.30

This comfortable harness for STIHL's FSA 65 and FSA 85 allows for ergonomic use of these tools. Includes attachment clip for easy installation.

HUSQVARNA Battery Charge Indicator (XS800)

HUSQVARNA Battery Charge Indicator (XS800)£9.00

With eyelet terminals that provide an effortless connection without requiring direct access to the battery, this is a practical quick connector designed for the XS800 charger and BC 08.

PELLENC Tool Carrying Hook

PELLENC Tool Carrying Hook£14.00

Pellenc tool carrying hook

STIHL Battery Belt Bag

STIHL Battery Belt Bag£18.50

This bag attaches easily to the STIHL battery belt, allowing you to carry an additional AP battery, or any other accessories you may need while working, such as sunglasses or gloves.

STIHL Battery Protection Foot (HTA 65 / HTA 85 / HLA 85)

STIHL Battery Protection Foot (HTA 65 / HTA 85 / HLA 85)£19.00

A battery protector foot designed for STIHL's HTA 65, HTA 85 and HLA 85 cordless pole pruners. It protect the battery from contact with the ground, as well as providing an additional handle for short-term shaft extension.

STIHL Smart Connector

STIHL Smart Connector£19.99

The STIHL Smart Connector together with the STIHL App makes managing your power tools easy, offering a wealth of information on tool availability, usage, maintenance and much more.
STIHL FSA / BGA Support Cushion Set

STIHL FSA / BGA Support Cushion Set£20.00

Retrofittable to all FS harnesses in STIHL's ADVANCE series without carrying rings, this support cushion also includes a belt adapter to attach it to the AR backpack battery carrying system and hip belt.

STIHL Weight Kits for AP Adapter

STIHL Weight Kits for AP Adapter£20.00

Use this weight kit to add extra weight to the STIHL AP adapter, which has the effect of improving the overall balance of the tool you are using, for a more comfortable and ergonomic experience.

STIHL Carry Bag for Cordless Batteries & Charger

STIHL Carry Bag for Cordless Batteries & Charger£23.00

A carry bag perfect for transporting and storing up to 2 STIHL Li-ion batteries and a single charger.

MOUNTFIELD MCG48Li Battery Charger

MOUNTFIELD MCG48Li Battery Charger£29.00   £25.00

The MCG48Li battery charger offers fast recharge times for Mountfield's 2Ah and 4Ah batteries.


HUSQVARNA Battery Bag£27.99

For Husqvarna's BLi10, BLi20, BLi100 and BLi200 batteries, this insulated battery bag is both splash waterproof and provides shock absorption protection. It keeps your batteries warm in winter and cool in summer.

STIGA 24V Charger

STIGA 24V Charger£29.00

This is a universal battery charger for 24V batteries, with an output current of 3.0 A for a faster quick recharge.

STIGA Grubber Multi-Mate Attachment

STIGA Grubber Multi-Mate Attachment£29.00

A 3 pointed grubber attachment, assisted by forwards and backward movements, for weeding soil in flowerbeds. For use with compatible Multi-Mate handheld tools.

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