AS MOTOR AS 470 E-PROCLIP Cordless Mulching Mower

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A cutting-edge mulching mower

The AS 470 E-ProClip mower is a versatile mulching machine, suitable for private users to tend to medium gardens, as well as professional users for maintaining public areas such as hospitals, roadsides, and parks, and even equestrian businesses for maintaining paddocks. Compared to a conventional petrol mower, this battery-powered tool is ideal for use in sensitive areas as it makes little noise during operation and emits zero emissions. It is also much cheaper the maintain.

Ergonomic, user-friendly design

A galvanised steel mulching unit is strong and long-lasting, whilst a third crankshaft bearing and friction discs on the mulching blades assist in protecting the engine from damage. Ergonomic design makes for excellent handling: asymmetric engine design aids balance, a solid but adjustable handle bar makes it easy to operate, and ball bearings in the wheels ensure easy manoeuvrability, whilst the thin wheels also protect the grass from any unnecessary impact. With a 48cm cutting width and a cutting height of between 40mm and 80mm which can be easily adjusted by hand or foot.

A mulching machine

Achieve a perfect mulched finish with this mulching machine. It finely shreds grass cuttings and disperses them back onto the lawn to rot down, putting vital nutrients back into the soil whilst also keeping it moist, and suppressing weeds. Mulching also makes the task of mowing quicker and more efficient, saving up to 30% of time compared to a lawnmower, as there is no need to stop and empty a grass collector because there isn't one.

Please note: this unit does not include the battery or charging unit, but these can be purchased separately.

  • Cutting width: 47cm
  • Maximum cutting height 'mulching': 18cm
  • Engine make: B & S engine
  • Engine power: 82Li series 82 Volts Lithium Ion Powerhead
  • Maximum voltage: 82 Volts
  • Rated voltage: 72 Volts
  • Rated speed: 2900 rpm
  • Cutting height: 40mm - 80mm
  • Cutting positions: 5
  • Maximum speed: 2.5 km/h
  • Dimensions: 131cm x 51cm x 100cm
  • Weight (shell only): 30kg
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