AS MOTOR AS 30 160 Weedhex

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Mechanical chemical free weed removal

Removing weeds on a large scale without the need for chemicals has never been easier thanks to the AS 30 160 Weedhex. Suitable for the professional user for maintaining public green spaces, roadsides, and leisure facilities, and for large-scale private use. Mechanical methods and high brush torque remove even the most stubborn of weeds in an environmental manner. Ideal for use on even and uneven pavements, curb stones, and gravel stones.

Safe mechanical weed removal

The reduced brush speed of 600 rpm reduces the damage from stone impact and dust creation, making for safer working conditions and longevity of the mechanical weeder. A protective cloth also shields surrounding areas from debris, so there is no need to use additional protective covers. A factory-equipped snorkel filter helps to protect the engine from dust and other contaminants, further increasing the weeders life span. The handlebar can be adjusted to 3 positions to suit the comfort of the user.

Excellent results

Perfect edge clearing is simplified by the lateral offset of the brush and chassis, helped by individual height-adjustable wheels which ensures an incline of the brush.

N.B. brush not included but sold separately.

  • Working width: 35 cm
  • Engine manufacturer: B&S
  • Engine designation: 650 EX Series i/C DOV
  • Maximum power: 3.0/4.1 kW (hp)
  • Rater power: 2.7/3.7 kW (hp)
  • Rated speed: 2800 rpm
  • Brush rpm: 600
  • Tank capacity: 1 Litre
  • Dimension: 157 cm x 61 cm x 108 cm
  • Weight: 37 kg
SKU: E2-AS30-160
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