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ALLETT US51SC Scarifier Cartridge

ALLETT US51SC Scarifier Cartridge
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A 20" Scarifier Cartridge compatible with Allett Stirling 51 and is the most popular cartridge for cultivation

The Scarifier Cartridge measures 51 cm and is Allett's most favourable cultivation cartridge and completes a range of actions such as removing surface debris, thatch and moss as well as providing an upright lift to lateral growth prior to mowing.

A healthy and disease free lawn

The custom design on the Scarifier cartridge is equipped with rotating tines which works to pull out dead grass and moss and keeps the lawn healthy by enabling water and air to penetrate the soil. 

When to use the Scarifier

The Scarifier cartridge can be used once a month to reduce the build up of thatch during mowing season.

  • Width: 51 cm / 20 inch
  • Cultivating depth: -10mm

Brand:  ALLETT

Part Number:  US51SC

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