ALLETT UCC5110 20" 10 Blade Cutting Cylinder

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A high performing 10 blade cutting cylinder by ALLETT that can be used for perfecting the lawn.

Achieve the pristine finish of a bowling green effortlessly with the 10-bladed SURE-BLADE cylinder. Developed from hardened steel, the ALLETT cutting cylinder creates a super-fine cut below 20mm.

This 20 inch 10 blade cutting cylinder offers the user a higher clip-rate (131cpm) than its 6-blade counterpart, to provides more cuts per meter, delivering that finer finish the user desires.

The user can expect a quieter and cleaner cut thanks to the recently thickened bottom blade.  This also means its an easier setup for the user. 

The cutting cartridge provides a fantastic cutting experience and can be used for cricket wickets, golf tees, ornamental lawns, and famous venues like Wimbledon for that superior, aesthetically pleasing lawn cut.

  • Compatible with:  ALLETT Stirling 51 lawnmower
  • Size:  20 inch
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