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WILKINSON Hand Tools 203003 PowerGrip Transplant Trowel

WILKINSON Hand Tools 203003 PowerGrip Transplant Trowel£10.19

Wilkinson 203003Wilkinson Sword Transplant Trowel with a Soft Moulded Grip

STIHL Grass Cutting Blade (2 Tooth)

STIHL Grass Cutting Blade (2 Tooth)£10.20

This is a two-tooth 230 mm steel cutting blade for mowing dry, tough grass. Suitable for a range of STIHL tools.


STIHL ASTROSPEC Safety Glasses£10.35

With side protection, an adjustable and replaceable visor, and adjustable arms, STIHL's ASTROSPEC glasses represent great value. You can choose between tinted or clear designs. Conforms to EN 166.

STIHL LEATHER Universal Work Glove

STIHL LEATHER Universal Work Glove£10.35

These full leather work gloves are designed for universal use, providing an excellent fit with high levels of durability.

STIHL Hedge Trimmer Tip Protectors

STIHL Hedge Trimmer Tip Protectors£10.50

This handy tip protector for your STIHL hedge trimmer helps to guard the tip of its cutting blade from wear and tear while working in contact with the ground.

STIHL Round Mowing Line (2.0 mm x 62 m)

STIHL Round Mowing Line (2.0 mm x 62 m)£10.80

Genuine STIHL mowing line made of a durable, lightweight and hard-wearing material, this 2 mm thick mowing line is supplied here in a 62 metre reel.

STIHL Round Mowing Line (2.4 mm x 43 m)

STIHL Round Mowing Line (2.4 mm x 43 m)£10.80

A 43 metre roll of 2.4 mm diameter round mowing line, this is ideal as a replacement for worn line and is a genuine STIHL part. Made of a long-lasting, flexible material.

STIHL Sharpening Stone & Whetstone

STIHL Sharpening Stone & Whetstone£10.80

Ideal for pruning shears, hedge trimmers and secateurs as well as precision grinding bush hooks, debarking irons and axes, this is a universal sharpening stone & whetstone from STIHL.

STIHL Basic Harness

STIHL Basic Harness£11.26

Designed for STIHL's FS 38, FS 40, FS 50, HL and HT, this basic harness results in less tiring and safer operation. It is supplied as standard with most STIHL brushcutters.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Weeding Brush

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Weeding Brush£11.69

A fantastic tool for removing weeds and stubborn moss from patios and between paving slabs, this brush uses stiff steel bristles for maximum performance. Compatible with Multi-Change lightweight handles.

STIHL DuroCut 40-4 Line Pieces (4 mm)

STIHL DuroCut 40-4 Line Pieces (4 mm)£11.75

These XXL pre-cut line pieces are ideal for the DuroCut 40-4 mowing heads from STIHL. 48 are supplied in each pack, with a 4 mm diameter and 215 mm length.

WOLF Hand Tools REVB Multi-Change Replacement Blade

WOLF Hand Tools REVB Multi-Change Replacement Blade£11.82

Wolf REVB Replacement Blade for the REVM Bow Saw

15% off rrp
STEIN arborist rescue knife

STEIN arborist rescue knife£12.00

Stein arborist rescue knife with half serrated stainless steel blade

15% off rrp
STEIN emergency whistle

STEIN emergency whistle£12.00

Stein emergency whistle

STIHL SG 11 Hand Sprayer

STIHL SG 11 Hand Sprayer£12.00

A 1.5 litre, ergonomic, easy-to-use hand sprayer ideal for distributing liquid pesticides. It has a smooth-running and efficient pump to allow for comfortable operation.

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Page 9 of 174:    2,609 Items
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