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STIHL STANDARD Safety Glasses£4.50

STIHL's STANDARD safety glasses include side protection and 100 % UV protection, as well as being suitable for spectacle-wearers. They conform to EN 166 and are ideal for occasional use.

STIHL SynthPlus Chain Oil

STIHL SynthPlus Chain Oil£4.50  -  £69.75

This semi-synthetic high-performance lubricant is made from high-grade base oil to prevent resinifcation and offering outstanding protection against wear. Available in 1l, 5l and 20l volumes.

HUSQVARNA Mineral Chain Oil

HUSQVARNA Mineral Chain Oil£4.75  -  £71.00

This mineral chain oil features an adhesive agent ideal for high-performance chainsaws, resulting in low wear of chains and rails. Perfect for universal all year round use.

ASPEN 4 Stroke Petrol

ASPEN 4 Stroke Petrol£4.79  -  £18.49

Available in 1 litre and 5 litre quantities, this alkylate petrol without oil can be used with lawn mowers, rotary cultivators and other 4-stroke engines. It is an environmentally friendly option that results in fantastic operation.

STIHL Chainsaw Scabbard (Arborist)

STIHL Chainsaw Scabbard (Arborist)£4.85

Snapping firmly into place on the chainsaw's sprocket cover, this scabbard also covers the bumper spikes, providing protection for your arborist work clothing and climbing equipment.

ASPEN 2 Stroke Pre-Mixed Petrol

ASPEN 2 Stroke Pre-Mixed Petrol£4.98  -  £18.98

This is a pre-mixed alkylate petrol designed for all air-cooled 2-stroke engines, regardless of the fuel oil mix. Mixed with a synthetic, high performance 2-stroke oil, it gives excellent protection, low smoke and is great for the environment.

STIHL Children's Baseball Cap

STIHL Children's Baseball Cap£5.00

This is a children's baseball cap, a fantastic gift, and is made from 100% unbrushed cotton. It has a STIHL logo embroidered on the front panel, as well as on the metal buckle.

STIHL Children's Soft Toy Dog

STIHL Children's Soft Toy Dog£5.00

The STIHL dog soft toy sports a white neck scarf and is a cuddly gift for any young child. With an approximate length of 21 cm.

STIHL Resin Solvent

STIHL Resin Solvent£5.58  -  £15.53

A great solution for cleaning and lubricating hedge trimmer blades, chainsaws and cutting attachments, this spray is available in two sizes and has been specially developed for dissolving resin.



These gloves use a highly breathable PES knit with a heavy-duty latex coating on the palm, making them very durable and particularly well suited to use in wet conditions.

WOLF Hand Tools RGV Multi-Change Rope Guide

WOLF Hand Tools RGV Multi-Change Rope Guide£5.94

Wolf RGV Rope Guide for use with telescopic handles

15% off rrp
STEIN  28mm ring-Gold

STEIN 28mm ring-Gold£6.00

Stein 28mm ring in colour gold

STIHL Chest Belt for ADVANCE Harness

STIHL Chest Belt for ADVANCE Harness£6.00

A chest belt for STIHL's ADVANCE universal harness range and backpack blowers. It ensures the shoulder straps of the harness are securely position, for more comfortable operation.

STIHL Measuring Jug

STIHL Measuring Jug£3.06  -  £6.03

A measuring jug from STIHL, available in a choice of two sizes, either 5 litres or 25 litres. Note: The image shows both jugs together, but you will only receive the one you select.

STIHL Plastic Felling Wedge

STIHL Plastic Felling Wedge£6.08  -  £10.26

With three sizes to choose from, these plastic felling wedges from STIHL are impact-resistant even at low temperatures and benefit from a polyamide, textured surface that helps prevent the wedge from slipping out.

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Page 3 of 174:    2,609 Items
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