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STIHL Drill Chuck with Key (BT 45)

STIHL Drill Chuck with Key (BT 45)

A drill chuck with a 13 mm chuck width, supplied with a drill chuck key, designed to be used only with STIHL's BT 45 petrol wood drill.

STIHL MS 461-R Petrol Chainsaw

STIHL MS 461-R Petrol Chainsaw

A 20 inch (50 cm) saw designed to be used by the emergency services as a rescue saw  for cutting openings in roof or formwork structures. Comes with a Rapid Duro R chain and a cutting depth limiter.

STIHL Wood Drill Bits (BT 45)

STIHL Wood Drill Bits (BT 45)£27.81  -  £42.93

These wood drill bits for STIHL's BT 45 petrol wood drill come in a variety of sizes. You can choose between a 32 cm long, 13 mm diameter bit, or a selection of 46 cm long bits, with 19 mm, 22 mm or 25 mm diameters.

ROBOT MOWER Cable Connector / Splicer

ROBOT MOWER Cable Connector / Splicer£1.99   £1.44

This cable connector allows you to repair boundary and guide wire cables, and to connect guide wires to boundary cables. They suit Husqvarna automowers & Honda / Stiga robot mowers.

MITOX 2-Stroke Engine Oil

MITOX 2-Stroke Engine Oil£1.99  -  £6.95

A semi-synthetic 2-stroke engine oil from Mitox, this is a high quality product that provides unrivalled engine protection under all conditions. Suitable for injection systems or as a pre-mix at recommended ratios.

HUSQVARNA 2-Stroke LS+ Oil

HUSQVARNA 2-Stroke LS+ Oil£2.00  -  £39.50

This low smoke oil from Husqvarna is made from a mix of mineral and synthetic oils that give off very little smoke and provide you with good lubrication for high load engine details.

HUSQVARNA Automower Cable Connector / Splicer

HUSQVARNA Automower Cable Connector / Splicer£2.00  -  £6.00

A genuine replacement Husqvarna Automower® cable connector/splicer, for repairing broken boundary and guide wires or for connecting them during installation.


HUSQVARNA HP 2-Stroke Oil£2.00  -  £7.90

Designed to meet tough challenges, Husqvarna's 2-stroke engine oil is also formulated to work well even with low-quality fuels. It is ideal for use with the entire range of Husqvarna's 2-stroke machinery.

STIHL AK Battery Cover Slot

STIHL AK Battery Cover Slot£2.60   £2.00

Able to cover the battery slot of any STIHL AK Series cordless machine, this battery slot cover protects your tool against dust and dirt during long storage periods.

STIHL Chainsaw Scabbard

STIHL Chainsaw Scabbard£2.00  -  £3.00

Helping facilitate the safe handling and transportation of your saw, keeping you and your machinery well protected.

STIHL HP 2-Stroke Engine Oil - 100 ml

STIHL HP 2-Stroke Engine Oil - 100 ml£2.05   £2.00

A single 100 ml shot of STIHL's best selling mineral oil for 2-stroke engines. Designed specifically for STIHL's own engines, it boasts superb lubrication and combustion properties. 

STIHL Plug Cover

STIHL Plug Cover£2.60   £2.00

Keep dust and dirt out of the sockets on your STIHL battery-operated cordless power tools during long periods of storage.
ECHO POWER BLEND X 2-stroke oil 100ml

ECHO POWER BLEND X 2-stroke oil 100ml£2.11

ECHO Power Blend X Oil 2-Stroke Low Smoke Engine Oil 0.1 litre to be added to 5 litres of unleaded fuel.

STIHL PolyCut 2-2 Plastic Blades (Pack of 8)

STIHL PolyCut 2-2 Plastic Blades (Pack of 8)£2.50   £2.35

Designed specifically for STIHL's PolyCut 2-2 cutting heads, these genuine branded parts come in packs of eight and are ideal replacements for worn blades.


BRIGGS AND STRATTON Fuel Fit Additive£2.77  -  £5.56

Briggs and Stratton fuel additive

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Page 1 of 174:    2,600 Items
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