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Husqvarna CEORA™ is the future of commercial lawncare

CEORA™ is an innovative robotic mowing system with a commercial coverage of 25,000 m2 to 75,000 m2, and will mow the lawn so you don't have to. It utilises Husqvarna's EPOS™ technology that eliminates the need for boundary wires - as usually required with their domestic robotic mowers - for flexible and hassle-free zone management. Fully customise the cutting experience from cutting patterns, heights, and times to achieve the perfect results, and have total operational control with the Husqvarna Fleet Services™ smart application.

CEORA™ - how it works

CEORA™ is a mulching mower which means it cuts little and often, leaving invisible cuttings on the surface of the lawn, where they break down and fertilise the soil, which in turn means a more noticeably luscious lawn - and eliminates the need to cleanup. Powered by battery, the robotic mower will take itself back to the electricity-powered base station to charge up.

CEORA™ utilises the Husqvarna EPOS system, where work areas are defined by virtual boundaries, allowing for other turfcare practices without disturbance. You can block-out particular areas, and create passageways from one area to another; and it is easy to adjust as and when you need to.

The following YouTube video by Husqvarna explains how their EPOS system works - Satellite robotic lawn mowing by Husqvarna - This is how it works

CEORA™ - the system

CEORA™ robotic mower is a modular system which allows you to select the best combination for your requirements. The 544 drive unit is capable of cutting up to 60,000 m2, whilst the 546 drive unit delivers the highest cutting performance with a total capacity of 75,000 m2; whichever unit you pick, the razor 43 M cutter deck is needed, which boasts 15 high-speed steel blades mounted on 3 cutting discs. Required for all installations in the EPOS reference station, which manages the signals between the robotic mower and the satellite system.

Working area capacity

Up to 25,000 mpro sport quality: for every day care of premium sports, turf, or golf courses at low cutting height.

Up to 50,000 m2 pro quality: for sports turf and golf courses at medium ambition level, or other facilities with medium turf height and dense turf; CEORA™ to mow every other day.

Up to 75,000 mregular quality: for turf with lower demands, with a higher cutting height and low dense quality of turf; CEORA™ to mow twice weekly.

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