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We offer a wide range of tillers, cultivators and rotavators, designed to make light work of heavy garden, allotment or land management chores. Choose from renowned brands such as Honda, Husqvarna and Mountfield, or get in touch to discuss the range in detail.

We also provide a local and friendly repairs and servicing utility, and, because we are a local business with over 40 years of experience, are always happy to offer our advice and expertise to customers.

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STIHL MM 56 MultiEngine

STIHL MM 56 MultiEngine£480.00

With its folding frame, simplified starting sequence and compatibility with all of STIHL's MultiSystem attachments, the new MM 56 is the most advanced MultiEngine ever produced.

STIGA SRC 775 RG Petrol Tiller

STIGA SRC 775 RG Petrol Tiller£519.00   £479.00

The SRC 775 RG Cultivator is a powerful tiller perfect for preparing the soil for new seeding and planting, even with the hardest of soils.

COBRA T60RB Petrol Cultivator

COBRA T60RB Petrol Cultivator£469.99

MANTIS Tillers Petrol Garden 7263-18-14

MANTIS Tillers Petrol Garden 7263-18-14£464.00

Mantis Petrol Garden Tillers Package Combines 4 stroke tiller, Kickstand, Planter attachment and Plough attachment.
Package code 7263-18-14

AL-KO MH 350-4 Tiller

AL-KO MH 350-4 Tiller£469.00   £439.00

Alko MH350-4 14" Petrol Tiller with a 4hp Briggs & Stratton Engine

MANTIS 7265-12-14 Petrol Tiller

MANTIS 7265-12-14 Petrol Tiller£465.95   £439.00

A 4-stroke petrol tiller/cultivator with a 23 cm / 9 inch tilling width, a powerful and reliable Honda engine requiring no mixing of petrol and oil, plus comfortable, ergonomic control.

MANTIS Tillers Electric Lawncare 7252-17-38

MANTIS Tillers Electric Lawncare 7252-17-38£429.00

Mantis Tillers 230V electric tiller with: kickstand, dethatcher and aerator attachments.
Package code- 7252-17-38

HONDA FG 110 Cultivator

HONDA FG 110 Cultivator£424.00

The FG110 is an Ultra lightweight micro  tiller with reliable Honda 4-Stroke Engine, perfect for your light gardening tasks,and for using in smaller spaces.

MANTIS Tillers Electric Garden 7252-18-38

MANTIS Tillers Electric Garden 7252-18-38£409.00

Mantis Electric Garden Tillers Package Complete with 230V electric tiller,Kickstand, Planter and Plough attachments 7252-18-38

MANTIS Tillers Petrol Tiller 7263-12-14

MANTIS Tillers Petrol Tiller 7263-12-14£395.00

Mantis Petrol Tillers 7263-12-14 Honda GX25 mini 4-stroke engine ,Tiller with kickstand

HUSQVARNA T300RH Compact Pro Tiller

HUSQVARNA T300RH Compact Pro Tiller£460.00   £391.00

Compatible with a variety of attachments, this versatile petrol front tine cultivator is a brilliant tool for keeping your smaller garden, flower beds or vegetable plots maintained.

STIGA SRC 550 RB Petrol Tiller

STIGA SRC 550 RB Petrol Tiller£419.00   £379.00

Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 450E Series engine the SRC 550 RB is a powerful cultivator that can easily prepare your garden for vegetables even if you have the hardest of soils. 

MANTIS Tillers Electric Tiller 7252-12-38

MANTIS Tillers Electric Tiller 7252-12-38£329.00

Mantis Tillers 230V electric tiller with: kickstand,
Package code- 7252-12-38

LONCIN LC360 Tiller

LONCIN LC360 Tiller£370.00   £319.00

A great value petrol tiller with low levels of fuel consumption, easy operation and a cutting width of 35 cm. It is an ideal solution for awkward or small flower beds and allotments.

COBRA T40B Petrol Cultivator

COBRA T40B Petrol Cultivator£289.99

Cobra T40B, petrol powered cultivator.

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