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We offer a wide range of tillers, cultivators and rotavators, designed to make light work of heavy garden, allotment or land management chores. Choose from renowned brands such as Honda, Husqvarna and Mountfield, or get in touch to discuss the range in detail.

We also provide a local and friendly repairs and servicing utility, and, because we are a local business with over 40 years of experience, are always happy to offer our advice and expertise to customers.

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CAMON Tillers C13 - Diesel

CAMON Tillers C13 - Diesel£4,734.00   £4,379.00

Camon Tillers C13 Yanmar L100 10.0hp Diesel Engine,26" working width,3 forward speed & 3 reverse plus travel.

CAMON Tillers C13 - Petrol

CAMON Tillers C13 - Petrol£4,014.00   £3,715.00

Camon Tillers C13 Honda 11.7hp OHV Engine,26" working width,3 forward speed & 3 reverse plus travel.

CAMON Tillers C10 - Petrol

CAMON Tillers C10 - Petrol£3,510.00   £3,250.00

Camon Tillers C10 Honda 8.4hp OHV Engine,26" working width,3 forward speed & 3 reverse

CAMON Tiller/ Rotavator C8

CAMON Tiller/ Rotavator C8£2,634.00   £2,435.00

Camon Tillers C8 Honda 8.0hp OHV Engine,20" working width,1 forward speeds & 1 reverse.

HONDA FR750 Tiller

HONDA FR750 Tiller£2,699.00   £2,429.00

This robust tiller from Honda is perfect for working on larger areas of ground, and includes counter-rotating tines and a gearbox for greater flexibility and power. With a maximum tilling width of 510 mm.

HONDA FF300 tillers

HONDA FF300 tillers£1,799.00

Rotary tiller with Hondas unique counter rotating tines

HONDA F510 Cultivator

HONDA F510 Cultivator£1,664.00

Large Honda tiller with powerful 5.5hp engine and selection of gears

The power unit is sold seperately.
STIGA SILEX 103B Petrol Tiller

STIGA SILEX 103B Petrol Tiller£1,149.00   £1,049.00

Specifically designed for cultivating, the Silex 103 B is powered by a 205 cc engine and provided with 6 rear mounted rotovators with a 60 cm tilling width and 2 working gears and 1 reverse.


HUSQVARNA TR 430 Tiller£999.00

Ideal for demanding domestic and landowner use, this Subaru-powered rear-tine tiller has the power and performance you need to renovate densely packed soil and older lawns. With counter-rotating tines, large wheels and a 43 cm working width.

HONDA FJ500 DER cultivators

HONDA FJ500 DER cultivators£989.00

Compact tiller with 2 forward gears and 1 reverse gear




PELLENC CULTIVION Battery Powered Soil Cultivator

PELLENC CULTIVION Battery Powered Soil Cultivator£900.00

Pellenc CULTIVION Professional Soil Cultivator,4 level speed selector,aluminium pole,Advanced 380 watt motor,choice of 5 different blades

CAMON Tiller C2000

CAMON Tiller C2000£954.00   £882.00

Camon C2000 25" Tiller with a Honda GX160 5.5 hp OHV 4 Stroke Engine

HONDA F220 Cultivators

HONDA F220 Cultivators£899.00   £809.00

The F220 Versatile Mini tiller with Swing handle - lightweight and powerful - ideal for the serious gardener.

Honda FJ500 SER tillers

Honda FJ500 SER tillers£809.00

Honda FJ500 SER tiller, 1 forward gear, 1 reverse gear.

HONDA FG201 Cultivator Complete with Lawncare Kit

HONDA FG201 Cultivator Complete with Lawncare Kit£785.00

Honda FG201 12" Cultivator INCLUDES Lawn Care Kit (Wheel Kit, Lawn Edger, Aerator and De-Thatcher)

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