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MANTIS Plough Attachment 3333-00-14

MANTIS Plough Attachment 3333-00-14£54.00

Mantis Plough Attachment for Mantis Tiller 3333-00-14

MANTIS Tillers Aerator Attachment 4222-00-14

MANTIS Tillers Aerator Attachment 4222-00-14£54.00

Mantis Aerator attachment 4222-00-14

MANTIS Tillers Crevice Cleaner Attachment 8222-00-14

MANTIS Tillers Crevice Cleaner Attachment 8222-00-14£54.00

Mantis Crevice Cleaner Attachment 8222-00-14

MANTIS Wheel Set 9222-00-14

MANTIS Wheel Set 9222-00-14£54.00

Wheel Kit Attachment for the Mantis Tiller 9222-00-14

HUSQVARNA Lawn Edger Attachment (T300RH)

HUSQVARNA Lawn Edger Attachment (T300RH)£60.00

Designed for Husqvarna's Compact Pro T300RH cultivator, this is a lawn edger attachment that enables you to trim your lawn edges and create perfect lines without effort.

HUSQVARNA Ridger Attachment (T300RH)

HUSQVARNA Ridger Attachment (T300RH)£60.00

Designed for Husqvarna's T300RH cultivator, this is a simple attachment that allows you to prepare garden beds before planting or seeding, ideal for adding versatility to your garden work.

HUSQVARNA Weeding Tool Attachment (T300RH)

HUSQVARNA Weeding Tool Attachment (T300RH)£60.00

An attachment designed for Husqvarna's T300RH cultivator, this is a weeding tool to enable to you easily and effortless remove weeds from your flower beds and borders.

STIHL MM-BF MultiTool Pick Tines

STIHL MM-BF MultiTool Pick Tines£63.00

These pick tines are a MultiTool attachment for STIHL's MultiSystem. They have a working width of 22 cm and are ideal for breaking up even hard or heavy clay soil. 

STIHL MM-BK MultiTool Bolo Tines

STIHL MM-BK MultiTool Bolo Tines£63.00

Perfect for spreading fine, sandy soil, marking rows in the ground or for crumbling large sods of earth, the MM-BK bolo tines is an attachment for STIHL's MultiTool system.

STIHL MM-RL MultiTool Aerator

STIHL MM-RL MultiTool Aerator£63.00

An aerator attachment for STIHL's MultiSystem, the MM-RL uniformly perforates the surface of the lawn so that it can breathe again. With a working width of 20 cm.

HONDA FG110 Aerator

HONDA FG110 Aerator£65.00

Aerator attachment for FG110 tiller, applies air into the lawn creating a healthier growth



HONDA FG201 Aerator

HONDA FG201 Aerator£65.00

Aerator attachment for the FG201 Mini Tiller.

HONDA FG201 Aggressive Digging Tines

HONDA FG201 Aggressive Digging Tines£84.00

Digging tines for the Honda FG201 tiller

HUSQVARNA Moss Rake Attachment (T300RH)

HUSQVARNA Moss Rake Attachment (T300RH)£90.00

Using spring tines to rake moss and dead grass from your lawn to enable healthy growth in the future, this attachment for Husqvarna's T300RH Compact Pro cultivator is perfect for keeping your lawn at its best.

HUSQVARNA Scarifier Attachment (T300RH)

HUSQVARNA Scarifier Attachment (T300RH)£110.00

Designed to be used with Husqvarna's T300RH Compact Pro cultivator, this scarifier attachment provides holes in the lawn to allow air, water and fertiliser to reach the roots.

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Page 2 of 4:    47 Items
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