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Lawn Tractor Accessories

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MOUNTFIELD Mulching Plug for 827 Mower

MOUNTFIELD Mulching Plug for 827 Mower£94.00

Mountfield mulching plug for the 827 66cm lawn rider.

HONDA Mulching Kit to Suit HF2315 Tractor

HONDA Mulching Kit to Suit HF2315 Tractor£95.00

Honda Mulching Kit suitable for Honda's HF2315 Lawn Tractors Suitable For 2008 And Onward Models.Consists of mulching plug/blade and owners manual


HUSQVARNA Rider Cover£95.00

Keep your Husqvarna Rider protected from rain and water with this water-resistant nylon cover. Featuring ventilation holes and an adjustable drawstring.

HUSQVARNA Tractor Cover

HUSQVARNA Tractor Cover£95.00

This is a heavy duty tractor cover made from water resistant nylon with an adjustable drawstring and ventilation holes. It is designed to fit the TC 138, TC 342, TS 242 and TS 346 series models.

Honda Mulching Kit to suit HF2417 tractor

Honda Mulching Kit to suit HF2417 tractor£99.99

HUSQVARNA Towed Moss Rake

HUSQVARNA Towed Moss Rake£100.00

This towed moss rake has a working width of 102 cm and uses 24 tough, heat-treated tines to effectively lift and remove dead roots, grass clippings & decaying leaves while allowing water, air and nutrients to reach the roots.

MOUNTFIELD Lawn Tractor Mulching Plug

MOUNTFIELD Lawn Tractor Mulching Plug£101.87

A mulching plug for 72cm Mountfield lawn riders and lawn tractors.

MOUNTFIELD Lawn Tractor Mulching Plug Accessory

MOUNTFIELD Lawn Tractor Mulching Plug Accessory£105.00

The Mountfield mulching plug for 84cm and 92cm cut model lawn tractors enable you to disperse finally trimmed grass cuttings back into the lawn, providing a great finish as well as natural fertiliser.

Honda Lawn Tractor Side Lift

Honda Lawn Tractor Side Lift£108.00

Side lift for Honda tractors.

TONDU TST40 Towed Dethatcher

TONDU TST40 Towed Dethatcher£109.00

Allowing you to remove moss and thatch from large lawn areas with a tractor, this towed 40 inch steel tine dethatcher benefits from 20 heat treated spring loaded tines.

HUSQVARNA Rider Wheel Weight (Single)

HUSQVARNA Rider Wheel Weight (Single)£123.49

This is a single wheel weight for Husqvarna Rider / Lawn Tractors, compatible with the 11C, 13HC, 15C, 16H, 155, 175 and 15-V2. This is for one wheel weight. Two are required per machine.

KUBOTA Z122R Arm Rest Kit

KUBOTA Z122R Arm Rest Kit£132.00   £125.40

A simple arm rest kit designed for Kubota's Z122R, this allows you to feel more comfortable while working for longer periods.

HUSQVARNA Rider Straight Loading Ramps (450 kg)

HUSQVARNA Rider Straight Loading Ramps (450 kg)£139.00  -  £179.00

These straight loading ramps have a maximum total load of 450 kg and are constructed of sea-water resistant aluminium with a slip-resistant surface for a secure grip even in wet and slippery environments. Sold in pairs.

KUBOTA Z122R Mulch Kit

KUBOTA Z122R Mulch Kit£156.00   £148.20

Ideal for promoting a healthy, nourished lawn, this mulching kit with steel baffles and blades for the Kubota Z122R chops the grass into fine clippings so that it can simply wilt away into the surface of the lawn.

TONDU TSC500 Towed Tipping Trailer

TONDU TSC500 Towed Tipping Trailer£169.00

Able to carry 500 lbs, this steel dump cart is ideal for unloading sand, gravel and soil. It can be used with all makes of lawn tractor and can be easily transported with removable sides and tailgate.

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