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MOUNTFIELD MS2500 Garden Shredder

MOUNTFIELD MS2500 Garden Shredder£219.99

A quiet and easy to use garden shredder, with a 60 litre collector and cutting capacity of 40mm.

HONDA MIIMO HRM 3000 Robotic Mower

HONDA MIIMO HRM 3000 Robotic Mower£2,399.00

This robotic mower from Honda is able to work on a mowing area of up to 4,000 mē, while enjoying compatibility with a smartphone app for settings management and the very latest technology to make maintaining your lawn effortless.

ALLETT LIBERTY 30 Cordless Cylinder Mower

ALLETT LIBERTY 30 Cordless Cylinder Mower£619.00   £575.00

A 12 inch push mower from Allett, this is a battery powered machine equipped with a five-bladed cutting cylinder. It comes complete with a 40V Lithium-Ion battery, allowing around 40 minutes of mowing per charge.

ALLETT LIBERTY 35 Cordless Cylinder Mower

ALLETT LIBERTY 35 Cordless Cylinder Mower£789.00   £729.00

This battery powered cylinder mower is a 14 inch self-propelled model, boasting Allett's trademark performance with all the advantage of cordless technology. Includes a 40V Lithium-Ion battery providing appproximately 40 minutes of mowing.

STIHL KM-HL 145 Long-Reach Hedge Trimmer

STIHL KM-HL 145 Long-Reach Hedge Trimmer£320.00   £299.00

This is a long-reach hedge trimmer attachment that boasts a 50 cm double-sided cutting blade that can be easily adjusted between 0 and 145 degrees, perfect for trimming high hedges or for jobs nearer to the ground.

KUBOTA RTV-X1140 Utility Vehicle

KUBOTA RTV-X1140 Utility Vehicle£18,000.00

This fantastic machine comes with the ability to transition from hauling cargo in its hydraulic dumping bed to being able to transport friends and family using a second row of seating, making it a wonderfully versatile utility vehicle.

WEED-BRUSH Replacement Brush Set (MVT-390)

WEED-BRUSH Replacement Brush Set (MVT-390)£29.99

To fit the Weed-Brush MVT-390, this set of six steel twisted brushes allows you to replace the brush head to ensure maximum performance at all times. A set of heads can be expected to last for a full day's hard work with the machine.

WEED-BRUSH MVT-390 Weeding Brush

WEED-BRUSH MVT-390 Weeding Brush£2,199.00   £1,899.00

A Briggs & Stratton-powered weed machine, this model uses a heavy duty brush head with six individual steel wire brushes to eliminate moss, weeds, grass and dirt from hard surfaces.



This intelligent and innovative spout allows you to fill your machines safely and easily, and is suitable for use with Aspen 5 litre cans. It stops the flow automatically once the tank is full.

ASPEN Flexible Filler Spout

ASPEN Flexible Filler Spout£4.00

This is a flexible spout designed for use with Aspen's 5 litre cans. It has a cap to help prevent dirt contamination and hangs on a loop so that it won't get lost.

ASPEN 2 Stroke Pre-Mixed Petrol

ASPEN 2 Stroke Pre-Mixed Petrol£4.98  -  £18.98

This is a pre-mixed alkylate petrol designed for all air-cooled 2-stroke engines, regardless of the fuel oil mix. Mixed with a synthetic, high performance 2-stroke oil, it gives excellent protection, low smoke and is great for the environment.

ASPEN 4 Stroke Petrol

ASPEN 4 Stroke Petrol£4.79  -  £18.49

Available in 1 litre and 5 litre quantities, this alkylate petrol without oil can be used with lawn mowers, rotary cultivators and other 4-stroke engines. It is an environmentally friendly option that results in fantastic operation.

LONCIN LC50ZB60-4.9C 2 Inch Diesel Water Pump

LONCIN LC50ZB60-4.9C 2 Inch Diesel Water Pump£765.00

Providing maximum life of up to 60 metres, this is a 4.9 kW diesel powered water pump, benefiting from reliable and durable high performance, plus easy starting and improved fuel efficiency.

LONCIN LC80ZB30-4.9C 3 Inch Diesel Water Pump

LONCIN LC80ZB30-4.9C 3 Inch Diesel Water Pump£850.00

Providing up to 30 metres of lift with a maximum suction of 6 metres, this is an easy-to-start diesel-powered water pump, with a 4.9 kW / 349 cc engine providing reliable, efficient performance.

ETESIA BAHIA Hydro 80 MKHP4 E-Connect Ride-on Mower

ETESIA BAHIA Hydro 80 MKHP4 E-Connect Ride-on Mower£6,215.00

Packed with the latest technological advancements to make it superbly easy to use and maintain, this Etesia ride-on also features a RFID card, app compatability and a LCD siplay screen to keep you informed of its operating status.

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Page 9 of 157:    2,353 Items
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