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MITOX LS40 Log Splitter

MITOX LS40 Log Splitter£249.00

The LS40 is an entry level domestic wood splitter with a powerful punch. The 1500w electric motor provides up to 4 tonnes of splitting force, more than enough to handle most domestic wood splitting tasks.

MITOX LS65X Log Splitter

MITOX LS65X Log Splitter£349.00

The LS65x model improves further upon the specification of the LS40 with a more powerful 2200w motor, providing up to 6.5 tonnes of reliable splitting power.

KUBOTA Z122R Arm Rest Kit

KUBOTA Z122R Arm Rest Kit£132.00   £125.40

A simple arm rest kit designed for Kubota's Z122R, this allows you to feel more comfortable while working for longer periods.

KUBOTA Z122R Hitch Kit

KUBOTA Z122R Hitch Kit£48.00   £45.60

To give you more versatility and open up additional possibilities for working with your Kubota Z122R, this hitch kit is the solution.

KUBOTA Z122R Mulch Kit

KUBOTA Z122R Mulch Kit£156.00   £148.20

Ideal for promoting a healthy, nourished lawn, this mulching kit with steel baffles and blades for the Kubota Z122R chops the grass into fine clippings so that it can simply wilt away into the surface of the lawn.

KUBOTA Z122R Zero-Turn Mower

KUBOTA Z122R Zero-Turn Mower£4,140.00   £3,933.00

With a 42 inch fabricated mowing deck, a powerful, high performance Kawasaki engine and all the advantages of zero-turn control, this ride-on mower from Kubota is a great choice for residential users.

HUSQVARNA Bio Clip Kit for LC347V

HUSQVARNA Bio Clip Kit for LC347V£33.00

HUSQVARNA BR600 Brush Attachment (129LK / 525LK / 535LK)

HUSQVARNA BR600 Brush Attachment (129LK / 525LK / 535LK)£350.00   £298.00

An ideal solution for your Husqvarna combi machine, this bristle brush sweeper allows you to remove dirt effortlessly from driveways, paths and between grooves.


HUSQVARNA R 216T AWD Rider£3,813.00  -  £4,687.00

An easy machine to drive courtesy of articulated steering and hydrostatic transmission, plus the bonus of all wheel drive and a powerful twin-cylinder engine, this is a fantastic ride-on from Husqvarna.

KUBOTA B1181 Compact Tractor

KUBOTA B1181 Compact Tractor£11,880.00   £10,464.00

This is an 18 HP compact tractor from Kubota, benefiting from diesel power, rear mounted ROPS, various functionality and lighting kits, and a hydraulic 3 point linkage with a lift capacity of 540 kgs.

KUBOTA 60 Inch Rear Discharge Deck (F2890)

KUBOTA 60 Inch Rear Discharge Deck (F2890)£3,199.00

This is a Kubota rear discharge deck with a 60-inch cutting width. Suitable for Kubota's F2890 ride-on mower.

KUBOTA Side Discharge Deck (F90 Series)

KUBOTA Side Discharge Deck (F90 Series)£2,020.00  -  £2,348.00

This is a side discharge deck suitable for Kubota's F90 series of out-front mowers.

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Page 5 of 164:    2,458 Items
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