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STIHL TS 410 Disc Cutter

STIHL TS 410 Disc Cutter£671.00

The TS 410 is a compact and robust 3.2 kW cut-off saw, featuring extremely low vibration levels, a high performance engine and a 12 inch / 300 mm cutting wheel.

STIHL TS 420 Disc Cutter

STIHL TS 420 Disc Cutter£699.00

This 14 inch / 350 mm cut-off saw is compact, robust and comes with a high performance engine. Featuring ElastoStart technology and extremely low vibration levels.

STIHL TS 480i Disc Cutter

STIHL TS 480i Disc Cutter£876.00

A 12 inch / 300 mm cut-off saw with fuel injection engine technology to give perfect running every time. Easy to start, with powerful torque, the TS 480i is a great disc cutter for heavy duty cutting.

STIHL TS 500i Disc Cutter

STIHL TS 500i Disc Cutter£819.00

This is a 14 inch / 350 mm 3.9kW cut-off saw from STIHL, with an innovative electronically controlled fuel injection system that offers consistent high-performance power.

STIHL TS 700 Disc Cutter

STIHL TS 700 Disc Cutter£970.00

A 5.0 kW disc cutter that offers impressive levels of power, as well as coming packed with excellent features to increase operator comfort. Supplied as standard with a 14 inch / 350 mm cutting wheel.

STIHL TS 800 Disc Cutter

STIHL TS 800 Disc Cutter£980.00

A powerful 16 inch / 400 mm 5.0 kW cut-off saw, with several intelligent features that make it a comfortable and easy machine to use. Supplied as standard with abrasive cutting wheel.

STIHL Water Tank (FW 20 Cart)

STIHL Water Tank (FW 20 Cart)£118.80

This 13 litre water container means you can provide a flow of water to your cut-off saw while working in conjunction with the FW 20 cart.

STIHL Wood Drill Bits (BT 45)

STIHL Wood Drill Bits (BT 45)£25.20  -  £46.20

These wood drill bits for STIHL's BT 45 petrol wood drill come in a variety of sizes. You can choose between a 32 cm long, 13 mm diameter bit, or a selection of 46 cm long bits, with 19 mm, 22 mm or 25 mm diameters.

STIHL WOODEN Chainsaw Sawhorse

STIHL WOODEN Chainsaw Sawhorse£36.00

A lightweight Wooden Sawhorse from STIHL, designed to make cutting firewood easier.

TANAKA EXT200 Extension Pole

TANAKA EXT200 Extension Pole£69.00   £65.00

Tanaka EXT200600mm extension pole for TPH230S

TANAKA Smart Fit TCG 24EBD(SL) Brushcutter

TANAKA Smart Fit TCG 24EBD(SL) Brushcutter£320.00

Compatible with a wide range of alternative heads thanks to its split shaft, Smart Fit design, this model offers outstanding versatility and performance. With a 24cc easy-starting engine.

TANAKA TBC600 Strimmer and Brushcutter

TANAKA TBC600 Strimmer and Brushcutter£749.00   £609.00

Tanaka TBC600 Bike Handle,low vibration,47cc,professional

TANAKA TPH200 Hedgetrimmer Attachment

TANAKA TPH200 Hedgetrimmer Attachment£259.00   £209.00

Tanaka TPH200Hedge Trimmer attachment for use with TBC230S

TANAKA TPS200 Pruner Attachment

TANAKA TPS200 Pruner Attachment£209.00   £175.00

Tanaka TPS200Chainsaw/Pruner attachment for use with TBC230S


TANAKA TRB24EAP Blower£249.00   £189.00

TANAKA TRB24EAP Petrol blower

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