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Hand Tools

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STIHL FP 20 Hand Lifting Tongs

STIHL FP 20 Hand Lifting Tongs£39.50

Benefiting from an angled comfort handle and hardened tips, these hand lifting tongs from STIHL have a jaw size of 20 cm, making lifting and moving wood, easy.


STIHL MEGACUT Pruning Saw£40.00  -  £42.50

With three-sided Japanese toothing, a conical blade shape and ergonomic soft handle, these are comfortable pruning saws ideal for quick and precise sawing.

WOLF-GARTEN Bypass Loppers (40 mm)

WOLF-GARTEN Bypass Loppers (40 mm)£40.49

Providing comfortable & easy cutting of branches up to 35 mm, these bypass loppers feature new cutting head technology and ergonomic handles with a soft lining.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Soil Miller

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Soil Miller£40.49

Perfect for crumbling soil into a fine tilth for sowing seeds or planting in, this 15 cm wide soil tiller is part of Wolf-Garten's Multi-Change system, where you can choose from a range of lightweight handles to suit you.

WOLF-GARTEN Professional Anvil Secateurs

WOLF-GARTEN Professional Anvil Secateurs£40.49

Ideal for tough, woody pruning of vegetation up to 25 mm in thickness, these professional anvil secateurs benefit from an aluminium handle for improved durability.

WOLF-GARTEN Professional Bypass Secateurs (25 mm)

WOLF-GARTEN Professional Bypass Secateurs (25 mm)£40.49

Durable secateurs for precise pruning.

These professional bypass secateurs from Wolf-Garten feature a robust aluminium handle with a smooth plastic insert, ideal for comfortable operation and delicate jobs.

They have an ergonomically designed blade that avoids over extension of the hand and can also take replacement blades as necessary.

Comes with a 10 year conditional guarantee.

WOLF-GARTEN Plastic Snow Shovel

WOLF-GARTEN Plastic Snow Shovel£40.50

A 120 cm long snow shovel with a D-grip handle and 42 cm wide head, this tool excels when pushing, lifting and moving snow. Its cold resistance down to -30 C and robust construction ensures it won't let you down.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Anvil Tree Lopper

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Anvil Tree Lopper£41.39

Designed to allow you to easily lop small branches high above you, this anvil tree lopper is intended for use with Multi-Change handles and includes a 4:1 pulley system for reduced effort and simpler pruning.

WOLF-GARTEN Anvil Loppers (40 mm)

WOLF-GARTEN Anvil Loppers (40 mm)£44.99

Designed to cut vegetation up to 40 mm in diameter, these powerful anvil loppers also boast new cutting head technology and ergonomic handles with a soft lining.

WOLF-GARTEN Long Bypass Loppers (40 mm)

WOLF-GARTEN Long Bypass Loppers (40 mm)£44.99

Powerful bypass loppers that benefit from new cutting head technology, these tools are able to deal with branches up to 40 mm in diameter, easily and smoothly.

WOLF-GARTEN Variable Hedge Shears

WOLF-GARTEN Variable Hedge Shears£44.99

With adjustable blade tension, you can reduce the cutting effort required by 40 percent along the blade length. The curved double-edged blades help to prevent cut material from falling.

WOLF Hand Tools WFDS Forged Digging Spade

WOLF Hand Tools WFDS Forged Digging Spade£45.94

Wolf WFDS Forged Digging Spade Large

HUSQVARNA 1400A Universal Axe

HUSQVARNA 1400A Universal Axe£48.00

Made for all kinds of wood work, this axe has a non-stick head, a long-life, protected handle, a durable and robust build quality and perfect balancing and weight distribution to make it a pleasure to work with.

STIHL AX 7 T Forestry Hatchet (1926 Edition)

STIHL AX 7 T Forestry Hatchet (1926 Edition)£49.00

A great tool for splitting and pruning tasks, this forestry hatchet from STIHL also features their 1926 imprint, to commemorate the year they were founded. Also includes a leather cutting edge protector.

STIHL PH 10 Hedge Shears

STIHL PH 10 Hedge Shears£49.00

With specially coated serrated cutters, sap grooves and corrosion resistance, these are high quality hedge shears ideal for soft to extremely tough hedge and shrub cutting.

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Page 9 of 12:    180 Items
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