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MITOX 5300UK PRO Brushcutter

MITOX 5300UK PRO Brushcutter£649.00

Mitox 5300UK-Pro petrol brushcutter with 53.2cc Kawasaki engine.

STIHL FS 131 Brushcutter

STIHL FS 131 Brushcutter£756.00   £650.00

An impressive petrol brushcutter designed for tough jobs, this model features a 36.3cc 4-MIX engine from STIHL, as well as easier starting and bike handle operation. It includes a metal grass blade and AutoCut mowing head.

STIHL FS 240 C-E Brushcutter

STIHL FS 240 C-E Brushcutter£660.00

This highly durable, robust and versatile ergonomically enhanced petrol bruschutter is ideal for agricultural and gardening mowing. ErgoStart technology makes starting easier, for increased comfort.

STIHL FR 130 T Brushcutter

STIHL FR 130 T Brushcutter£669.00

This loop handle backpack brushcutter from STIHL is powered by a 4-MIX engine, ideal for mowing on steep embankments, overgrown slopes or in narrow ditches. Able to accept KombiTool accessories.

HUSQVARNA 545RX Brushcutter

HUSQVARNA 545RX Brushcutter£830.00   £706.00

A petrol brushcutter designed for professional use, this machine also features a X-Torq engine for improved performance and efficiency, and is supplied with a Balance X Harness.

STIHL FS 410 C-E Brushcutter

STIHL FS 410 C-E Brushcutter£728.00

A professional bike handle petrol brushcutter with 41.6 cc 2-MIX engine, complete with ErgoStart technology and 4 point anti-vibration system. Perfect for local authorities, contractors, landscapers and property owners with demanding terrain.

STIHL FS 360 C-E Brushcutter

STIHL FS 360 C-E Brushcutter£729.00

A powerful petrol bike handle brushcutter with ErgoStart technology and a low-emission, fuel-efficient STIHL 2-MIX engine. Perfect for contractors, landscapers and owners of demanding properties.

HUSQVARNA 545RXT Brushcutter

HUSQVARNA 545RXT Brushcutter£880.00   £748.00

Supplied with a Balance XT harness, metal grass blade ann Tap 'n' Go head, this professional brushcutter is a versatile and comfortable high performance machine. With a X-Torq engine.

HUSQVARNA 553RBX Backpack Brushcutter

HUSQVARNA 553RBX Backpack Brushcutter£880.00   £748.00

For the toughest grass and brush on varied terrain, this backpack brushcutter from Husqvarna is ideal. It comes supplied with a harness to minimise strain, as well as a Tap 'n' Go trimmer head and metal grass knife.

DR DRMP52 Trimmer Mower

DR DRMP52 Trimmer Mower£749.00

DRMP52/Premier Plus 6.75 22" Trimmer Mower with a Recoil Start Briggs and Stratton 6.75 Engine

STIHL FS 460 C-EM Clearing Saw

STIHL FS 460 C-EM Clearing Saw£758.00

A technologically-advanced clearing saw from STIHL, with their revolutionary M-Tronic fully electronic engine management system, ErgoStart and simplified starting, bike handle control and 4 point anti-vibration system.

STIHL FS 460 C-EM K Clearing Saw

STIHL FS 460 C-EM K Clearing Saw£776.00

A state-of-the-art clearing saw from STIHL, featuring their electronic engine management system, ErgoStart and anti-vibration technology. This is the short shaft version, with an optimised 25 degree gear system and chisel tooth blade for use as a saw in forestry applications.

STIHL FS 460 C-EM L Clearing Saw

STIHL FS 460 C-EM L Clearing Saw£776.00

A 2-MIX engine clearing saw with M-Tronic engine management system and long shaft length, ideal for taller users looking for a tool to help maintain large areas of tough overgrown grass.

Echo SRM420TESU petrol brushcutter

Echo SRM420TESU petrol brushcutter£788.00

Echo SRM-420TESU powerful,lightweight, high torque U handle brushcutter

DR DRMP54 Trimmer Mower

DR DRMP54 Trimmer Mower£799.00

DR Commercial DRMP54 22" Heavy Duty Commercial Mower with Pull Start and a 8.75 Briggs and Stratton Engine,Push

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Page 10 of 11:    158 Items
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