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Cobra electric trimmer GT600E

Cobra electric trimmer GT600E£44.99

Cobra GT600E electric grass trimmer

STIHL FSE 31 Electric Strimmer

STIHL FSE 31 Electric Strimmer£66.50

An ergonomic electric grass trimmer, with 240 mm cutting width and 245 watt motor, perfect for tidying up the messy lawn extremities that your mower can't reach.


WOLF-GARTEN GTE840 Strimmer£72.00

With trimming and edging functions plus versatile control and operation, this 400 W electric strimmer is great to work with. It only weighs 1.9 kg, making it perfect for users of all builds and ages.

AL-KO GTE 350 Classic Grass Trimmer

AL-KO GTE 350 Classic Grass Trimmer£89.00   £79.00


WOLF-GARTEN GTE845 Strimmer£85.00

Featuring two hand grips, a light weight, wheels and a telescopic handle, this 450 W electric twin line trimmer from Wolf-Garten is superbly easy and comfortable to work with.

AL-KO GT 36 Li Grass Trimmer

AL-KO GT 36 Li Grass Trimmer£89.00

AL-KO GTE 450 Comfort Grass Trimmer

AL-KO GTE 450 Comfort Grass Trimmer£99.00   £89.00

STIHL FSE 52 Electric Strimmer

STIHL FSE 52 Electric Strimmer£90.00

A lightweight, quiet and powerful electric grass trimmer in a modern and functional design. Complete with AutoCut 2-2 mowing head, perfect for all garden trimming and thinning jobs.


MITOX 25C-SP SELECT Strimmer£139.00   £99.00

Thanks to its split-shaft design and the supplied auto bump nylon trimmer head, this entry level trimmer is simple to use and is ideal for light domestic jobs.

MOUNTFIELD MT48Li Battery Grass Trimmer

MOUNTFIELD MT48Li Battery Grass Trimmer£99.00

A grass trimmer with an easy push button start and rotating head with guide wheel for trimming edges.

STIHL FSA 45 Cordless Strimmer

STIHL FSA 45 Cordless Strimmer£99.00

An exceptionally light and well-balanced grass trimmer, this cordless tool from STIHL is a pleasure to work with and makes keeping your lawn perfectly manicured, effortless.


WOLF-GARTEN GTE850 Strimmer£109.99

This easy-to-use 500 W electric twin line trimmer include wheels and dual handles for effortlessly easy control and stable operation. A lightweight, quiet and low-vibration machine that's a pleasure to use.

STIGA SGT 226 J Strimmer

STIGA SGT 226 J Strimmer£129.00   £119.00

This Tap 'n' Go strimmer allows you to easily renew the line as it wears, while also being an environmentally friendly and versatile tool, with ideal close loop-handle control.

HUSQVARNA 122C Grass Trimmer

HUSQVARNA 122C Grass Trimmer£150.00   £128.00

This is a low-noise, lightweight grass trimmer, ideal for domestic use and containing easy-to-use functions such as Smart Start for easy starting, and a semi-automatic Tap 'n Go line head.

MITOX 26L-SP SELECT Brushcutter / Strimmer

MITOX 26L-SP SELECT Brushcutter / Strimmer£169.00   £129.00

An easy to use and versatile brushcutter and strimmer, representing outstanding value thanks to the inclusion of both a pre-loaded trimmer head and a three-tooth metal grass blade.

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Page 1 of 11:    158 Items
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