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Brushcutter / Strimmer

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STIHL Round Mowing Line (3.0 mm x 280 m)

STIHL Round Mowing Line (3.0 mm x 280 m)£40.95

Supplied on a 280 metre reel for excellent value, this genuine STIHL round profile mowing line is a great choice for all-round use, with a diameter of 3.0 mm.

STIHL PolyCut 20-3 Mowing Head

STIHL PolyCut 20-3 Mowing Head£41.00

Able to be used with nylon line as well as its three replaceable thermoplastic blades, this mowing head also benefits from a heavy duty design to deal with thick grass and weeds.

STIHL Square Mowing Line (2.4 mm x 434 m)

STIHL Square Mowing Line (2.4 mm x 434 m)£43.50

Made from a durable, hard-wearing, flexible and lightweight material, this 2.4 mm thick mowing line is a genuine STIHL product. Supplied as a 434 metre long reel.

STIHL Square Mowing Line (2.7 mm x 358 m)

STIHL Square Mowing Line (2.7 mm x 358 m)£43.50

Ideal for replacing worn line on your STIHL mowing heads, this is a great value 358 metre roll of 2.7 mm diameter nylon line with a square profile, perfect for tougher jobs.

Echo S-400 brushcutter harness

Echo S-400 brushcutter harness£49.00

Echo S-400 HARNESS FITS ALL u handle brushcutters


HUSQVARNA BALANCE 55 Harness£49.98

Designed to distribute the load between your shoulders, chest and back, this is an ergonomic harness from Husqvarna. Also including a shock-absorbing hip pad, wide, padded straps and a wide back plate.

STIHL ADVANCE PLUS Universal Harness

STIHL ADVANCE PLUS Universal Harness£49.99

A light and ergonomic harness, this version of the ADVANCE universal harness includes a quick release system for quick connecting and disconnecting of brushcutters. For models FS 50 to FS 560.

STIHL DuroCut 40-4 Mowing Head

STIHL DuroCut 40-4 Mowing Head£50.00

A mowing head that's easy to use and compatible with a wide variety of line types and sizes, this head can take double or quadruple lines. A genuine STIHL part.

STIHL ADVANCE Forestry Harness

STIHL ADVANCE Forestry Harness£54.98  -  £62.87

STIHL's ADVANCE forestry harness uses freely suspended leg protection to provide excellent freedom of movement, while being extremely ergonomic and comfortable. For STIHL models from FS 100 to FS 550.

STIHL ADVANCE Universal Harness (Fluorescent Orange)

STIHL ADVANCE Universal Harness (Fluorescent Orange)£54.98

An ideal addition to reflective clothing, this harness provides highly effective support when mowing in hazardous areas. Suitable for STIHL models FS 50 to FS 560.

STIGA 226J / JD Hedge Trimmer Attachment

STIGA 226J / JD Hedge Trimmer Attachment£65.00   £59.00

This is a hedge trimmer attachment for the Stiga SBC 226J and SBC 226JD split shaft brushcutters, helping you to keep tall hedges neat and tidy from ground level.

STIGA 226J / JD Pruner Attachment

STIGA 226J / JD Pruner Attachment£65.00   £59.00

Pruner attachment for Stiga SBC 226J and SBC 226JD MB2801J split shaft brushcutters - prune those tree branches safely and easily from the ground.



This effective harness distributes the load across a large area for increased comfort and reduced fatigue. Featuring a wide and ventilated back plate with wide shoulder pads, plus a shock absorbing hip pad.

AL-KO GTA 36 Li Trimmer Attachment

AL-KO GTA 36 Li Trimmer Attachment£79.00


STIHL ADVANCE PLUS Forestry Harness£79.99

A forestry harness offering excellent freedom of movement thanks to its freely suspended leg protection, and including a quick release system for attaching and removing the clearing saw. For models FS 310 to FS 560.

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