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WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Small Sweep

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Small Sweep£8.99

A great tool for working in confined or narrow spaces when sweeping up debris or loosening soil, this 11 cm small sweep from Wolf-Garten also benefits from its strong steel tines.


WOLF-GARTEN Scraper£8.99

An ideal tool for removing moss and weeds from between paving slabs and blocks, this scraper also has a comfort grip handle that provides additional support for tough jobs.


WOLF-GARTEN Small Sweep£8.99

A narrow rake with a fixed handle designed to excel for use in small flower beds or containers courtesy of its 11.5 cm width. Its handle includes a comfort grip for added strength and support.

WOLF-GARTEN Weeding/Planting Knife

WOLF-GARTEN Weeding/Planting Knife£8.99

With a comfort grip that provides you with extra power, support and strength, this knife allows you to cut out deep-rooted weeds effortlessly and efficiently for a healthier garden.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Aluminium D-Grip Handle (85 cm)

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Aluminium D-Grip Handle (85 cm)£9.14

An aluminium D-grip handle for Wolf-Garten's Multi-Change system, this measures 85 cm and is made from lightweight, strong aluminium and features a comfortable plastic sleeve section.

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STEIN figure 8-small

STEIN figure 8-small£9.18

Stein figure 8 ring rope diameter 9mm-13mm

HUSQVARNA Felling Wedge

HUSQVARNA Felling Wedge£9.25  -  £13.50

Designed to facilitate a safer, cleaner, felling experience, this felling wedge is made of high impact ABS plastic and can be purchase in one of three sizes. They help the tree to fall in the right direction by actually lifting it in that direction.

ECHO POWER BLEND X 2-stroke oil 1 litre

ECHO POWER BLEND X 2-stroke oil 1 litre£9.28

ECHO Power Blend X Oil 2-Stroke Low Smoke Engine Oil 1 litre to be added to 50 litres of unleaded fuel.

HONDA Fuel Stabiliser (250 ml)

HONDA Fuel Stabiliser (250 ml)£9.45

Ideal for use in all engines running occasionally or for long term storage of fuel, this 250 ml bottle of fuel stabiliser is specifically designed for Honda engines.

STIHL DuroCut 20-2 / 40-4 Line Pieces (3 mm)

STIHL DuroCut 20-2 / 40-4 Line Pieces (3 mm)£9.50

48 pieces of pre-cut, 3 mm diameter mowing line with a serrated profile, designed to fit STIHL's DuroCut 20-2 and DuroCut 40-4 mowing heads. Each piece has a length of 185 mm.

STIHL HP 2-Stroke Engine Oil

STIHL HP 2-Stroke Engine Oil£9.50  -  £58.60

STIHL's top selling mineral oil for 2-stroke engines. It is specially developed for STIHL's engines, with excellent lubrication and combustion properties. Available in various sizes.

15% off rrp
STEIN dyneema sling 80cm

STEIN dyneema sling 80cm£9.69

Stein dyneema loop 80cm

STIHL Curved Flat Blower Nozzle (KM-BG / BGA 85)

STIHL Curved Flat Blower Nozzle (KM-BG / BGA 85)£9.70

This is a curved, flat nozzle accessory for the STIHL BGA 85 and the KM-BG KombiTool, providing high air speed ideal for removing stuck on debris and leaves.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Aluminium Handle (142 cm)

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Aluminium Handle (142 cm)£9.89

A great way to add reach to your Wolf-Garten Multi-Change tools, this 142 cm long handle is made from strong, high quality aluminium with a light weight.

STIHL Gear Lubricant Grease

STIHL Gear Lubricant Grease£9.95  -  £22.95

Designed to effectively reduce wear and provide increased protection from corrosion on the high-speed gearboxes of brushcutters, this is a high-performance gear lubricant from STIHL.

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Page 7 of 157:    2,353 Items
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