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STIHL Chainsaw File Holder with Round File (3/8 inch, 5.2 mm)

STIHL Chainsaw File Holder with Round File (3/8 inch, 5.2 mm)£7.99

Designed for 3/8 inch saw chains, this kit with file holder and round file (5.2 mm diameter) allows you to keep your tool well-maintained and at its best.

15% off rrp
STEIN dyneema loop 21cm

STEIN dyneema loop 21cm£8.16

Stein Dyneema loop 21cm- SS-2W0410

15% off rrp
STEIN throw line pouch

STEIN throw line pouch£8.16

Stein throw line pouch

HONDA 4 stroke oil 600ml

HONDA 4 stroke oil 600ml£8.39

Honda 4 stroke oil 600ml

15% off rrp
STEIN dyneema sling 60cm

STEIN dyneema sling 60cm£8.67

Stein dyneema loop 60cm in length

HUSQVARNA Magnesium Felling Wedge

HUSQVARNA Magnesium Felling Wedge£8.80

Designed to help you fell trees in the right direction, this felling wedge is 12 cm long and is composed of lightweight yet strong magnesium.

WOLF Hand Tools LU2P Planting Trowel

WOLF Hand Tools LU2P Planting Trowel£8.99

WOLF LU2P Planting Trowel

WOLF-GARTEN Bulb Planter

WOLF-GARTEN Bulb Planter£8.99

For simple and easy planting of bulbs or bedding plants, this fixed handle bulb planter from Wolf-Garten also features an automatic soil release and a side measure to help gauge planting depth.

WOLF-GARTEN Fixed Handle Double Hoe

WOLF-GARTEN Fixed Handle Double Hoe£8.99

A two-in-one fixed handle double hoe with a 7 cm working width, this tool is able to hoe and loosen soil thanks to its double-sided nature. Complete with a comfort grip handle.

WOLF-GARTEN Fixed Handle Flower Fork

WOLF-GARTEN Fixed Handle Flower Fork£8.99

Perfect for use planting or transplanting work in flower beds, containers and kitchen gardens, this 7.5 cm tool is small enough to work in tight spaces but strong enough to get the job done.

WOLF-GARTEN Fixed Handle Wide Trowel

WOLF-GARTEN Fixed Handle Wide Trowel£8.99

Benefiting from a comfort grip fixed handle ideal for providing ergonomic operation, this 7 cm wide planting trowel is perfect for all your transplanting and planting jobs in the garden.

WOLF-GARTEN Hand Grubber

WOLF-GARTEN Hand Grubber£8.99

This tool is designed to allow you to loosen and aerate the soil in cramped conditions due to its small size, such as in flower beds or rockeries. The comfort grip handle provides support when pulling with the tool.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Aluminium Handle (118 cm)

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Aluminium Handle (118 cm)£8.99

Thanks to its lightweight yet strong aluminium design and comfortable plastic sleeve, this 118 cm long handle is a great addition to your range of Wolf-Garten Multi-Change tools.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Double Hoe (5 cm)

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Double Hoe (5 cm)£8.99

With twin prongs to break up heavy soil and a small pointed blade to the back for making seed drills, this double hoe has a 5 cm width to enable it to be used in the tightest of spaces.

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Fan Rake

WOLF-GARTEN Multi-Change Fan Rake£8.99

With tines made of flexible steel that won't bend from use, this 11 cm fan rake lets you effortlessly sweep up in confined areas and small spaces. Part of Wolf-Garten's Multi-Change range.

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Page 5 of 157:    2,343 Items
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