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VIVA ENERGI Automower Solar Charge Station

VIVA ENERGI Automower Solar Charge Station
 Type: Installations up to 2500 m2Type: Installations up to 5000 m2 
Our Price:  £2,150.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

An unrestrictive charging solution for Husqvarna Automower®

Brought to you by Viva Energi in conjunction with Husqvarna, this tried and testing solar charging station removes the need for a mains power supply for Automower® and gives the freedom to install and operate the robotic mower anywhere. Plus, it's 100% green and energy-efficient. The solar energy is stored in a battery cell to allow Husqvarna Automower® to operate 24 hours a day during the cutting season.

Choose the right model for your lawn

Two solar charging stations are available to choose from, one suitable for installations up to 2500 m2 consisting of one panel, and another for installations up to 5000 mconsisting of two panels. Both variants include a support frame and feet for placement on solid surfaces.

Important information

You must provide us with your Automower® model number at the checkout so that we can ensure the correct transformer is supplied. Note, this item is ordered directly from Viva Energi upon your order, and there is a 1-2 week delivery estimate before it arrives with us. 

N.B. this cannot currently be used with Automower® produced after February 2022.

The solar charge station comes with a 2 year guarantee with VivaEnergi. T&Cs may apply.

Solar charge station 2500

  • Product: 1 x 320 W panel
  • Estimated energy production: 34 / 17 kWh per month (April - September/October)
  • Output voltage: 18 - 40 V (dependent on model)
  • Maximum power output: 120 W / 5 A
  • Protection rating: IP54
  • Dimensions: 175 x 120 x 36 cm

Solar charge station 5000

  • Product: 2 x 320 W panels
  • Estimated energy production: 68 / 34 kWh per month (April - September/October)
  • Output voltage: 18 - 40 V (dependent on model)
  • Maximum power output: 120 W / 5 A
  • Protection rating: IP54
  • Dimensions: 175 x 215 x 36 cm

Note:  Please add a note advising the model of Automower, so we can provide the correct transformer.

Part Number:  1954

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