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VIKING MI 632 P Robotic Lawn Mower

VIKING MI 632 P Robotic Lawn Mower
 VIKING MI 632 P Robotic Lawn MowerVIKING MI 632 P Robotic Lawn Mower 
Our Price:  £1,990.00
List Price:  £2,299.00
Saving Of:  13%
(Inc. 20% VAT)

This machine makes maintaining a beautiful green lawn effortless.

VIKING's iMow range has the technology necessary to offer an automated lawn mowing solution, at a fantastic price.

All the benefits of battery power

As a battery operated machine, the MI 632 P is quiet, efficient and great for the environment. The bright LCD display allows you to not only use it in bright sunlight, but it can also be removed, saving you from having to bend down to change settings on the mower. If you are worried about security, this model comes with a lock and alarm that are activated if the machine is removed from its mowing area. 

The latest technology for intelligent operation

This mower will automatically return to its docking station if it starts raining or the battery runs low. It can work out whether it is best to do a quick charge of the battery, or a slow one, based on the mowing schedule it has to keep to. In addition, sensors in the hood allow it to detect and avoid obstacles, while being a versatile unit that can work in dense grass, on uneven terrain and gentle slopes, courtesy of its traction thread.

For a carpet-like, green lawn

With mulching functionality, this mower shreds the grass clippings finely enough so as to be unnoticeable, with the added benefit of acting as a natural fertiliser that's great for the health of your lawn. So that cutting remains consistently excellent, every time the blades stop the rotation direction is reversed, ensuring even wear, while you can also easily change the blade without the need for tools.

  • Ideal lawn area. m²: Up to 2.000
  • Maximum lawn area. m²: Up to 4.000
  • Battery type: Li-Ion 29 V
  • Battery capacity Ah: 6.8
  • Cutting height (15 settings) mm: 20-60
  • Mowing time per week h: 40
  • Average mowing time (per battery charge) min: 150
  • Cutting width cm: 28
  • Mowing pattern: Random
  • Maximum gradient %: 45
  • Power W: 185
  • Product weight kg: 13
  • Dimensions (L/W/H) cm: 73 x 54 x 27
  • Cutting height adjustment: 15-settings (central)
  • Average charging time min: 60
  • Uncertainty factor dB(A): 3

Brand:  VIKING
Power Source:  Battery
Delivery Info:  ***DEALER INSTALLATION ONLY*** These products can only be installed by an official dealer. Please contact us for more information.

Part Number:  MI632P

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