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STIHL SH 86 C-E Blower / Vacuum Shredder

STIHL SH 86 C-E Blower / Vacuum Shredder
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A versatile, comfortable and convenient blower / vacuum shredder from STIHL.

With increased vacuum power and shredding performance, the SH 86 C-E is an extremely capable vacuum shredder / blower that gives you the versatility to quickly move debris away from paths or driveways, or to suck and shred it, reducing the volume by shredding it with supreme efficiency.

Versatile & adaptable

One of the chief benefits of this range is the ability to easily convert the tool between shredder vacuum and blower modes. It is equipped with a special shredder blade on the fan wheel that can be used to reduce garden waste, and when easily converted to the blower mode it can be simply operated to re-organise leaves and debris in your garden. The vacuum bag has an integrated shoulder strap, which makes using it for longer periods of time less tiring. It allows for more movement while helping to support the weight of the bag as it fills.

Comfortable control

You are able to control the SH 86 C-E using one handle, with a soft-grip area allowing you to achieve a secure and comfortable hold on the machine. A four-spring anti-vibration system works to dampen the engine's oscillations before they reach the handles, so you can enjoy more control and work for longer without getting fatigued. A throttle lock with built-in stop switch is great for safety, as well as meaning the machine takes less effort to operate.

Easy & simple to operate

Thanks to STIHL's ErgoStart system, the SH 86 C-E takes less effort to start up, as well as being more reliable. The inclusion of a manual fuel pump means you can deliver fuel to the carburettor at the touch of a button, as required, to reduce the number of starting pulls necessary after extended breaks in operation. The machine's HD2 filter is easy to clean as it repels oil and water, while the PET filter cartridge can be removed and inserted without tools. Changing operating modes between blower and vacuum is also a quick and easy process.

Displacement: 27.2 cm³
Power Output: 0.8/1.1 kW/bhp
Weight: 5.6 kg
Sound Pressure Level: 97.0 dB(A)
Sound Power Level: 105.0 dB(A)
Vibration Levels Left/Right: 2.5/1.9 m/s²
Max. Air Throughput, Vacuum Mode: 770 m³/h
Equipment: Round Nozzle / Flat Nozzle

Brand:  STIHL
Power Source:  Petrol

Part Number:  SH86CE

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