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STIHL MS 461 Petrol Chainsaw

STIHL MS 461 Petrol Chainsaw
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Discontinued, no stock available.


A powerful 4.4kW modern high-performance saw.

The successor to STIHL's popular MS 460, the 461 is a great saw for thinning work in medium and high density stands. Available with a choice of 18 inch (45 cm), 20 inch (50 cm) or 25 inch (63 cm) bar lengths.

Excellent performance & power

The 2-MIX 2-stroke engine from STIHL that's used to power this machine comes with excellent fuel savings of up to 20 percent, and exhaust emissions reduced by up to 50 percent (when compared to regular 2-stroke equivalents). In addition, a compensator in the carburettor ensures the engine's power is kept constant even as the air filter becomes clogged, as it works to maintain the fuel-air ratio. The filter only needs to be cleaned once an appreciable drop in power occurs.

Comfortable operation

All of the important functions such as start, choke, throttle and stop, are helpfully operated using a single lever, which makes this a very ergonomic tool to use. It also has STIHL's anti-vibration system, which dampens oscillations caused by the engine and in turn significantly reduces vibrations at the handles. Starting the machine has never been easier, with ElastoStart reducing the shock caused by the compression of the engine, taking it away from your joints and muscles. A decompression valve is also available to help in this regard, as well as decreasing the amount of effort needed to pull the starter rope.

Efficient & easy to use

Special catches on the fuel and oil tanks allow for easy opening and locking without the need for tools, so topping up becomes a simple task. The chain tensioner is located on the side of the saw, so you don't have to come into contact with the sharp saw chain, and a variable-displacement oil pump allows precise, demand-based delivery of oil. This can reduce oil production by up to 50 percent in the E position. The Ematic chain lubrication system also reduces bar oil consumption, while ensuring pinpoint lubrication of the saw chain links and guide bar rails. 

Note: This product is not available for direct delivery:

Due to STIHL's delivery policy, this product is not available for direct delivery. If you would like to purchase it, you will need to collect it from a branch, at which point you will receive a detailed handover of the product to ensure you get the most from your new machine. 

Cylinder Displacement: 76.5 cm³ 2-mix
Power Output: 6 hp / 4.4 kW
Weight Excluding Fuel, Guide Bar and Chain: 6.7 kg
Weight to Power Ratio: 1.5 kg / kW
Oilomatic Saw Chain Pitch: 3/8"
Oilomatic Saw Chain Type: Rapid Super Comfort
AntiVibration System: Standard
Side Mounted Chain Tensioning: Standard
Chain Quick Tensioning: N/A
QuickStop Super Chain Brake: N/A
Decompression Valve: Standard
ElastoStart: Standard
Compensator: Standard
Long-Life Air Filter System: Yes
Tool-Free Tank Cap: Standard
Catalytic Converter: Retrofittable
Heated Handle: N/A
Vibrations Left Handle: 4.2 m/s²
Vibrations Right Handle: 6.0 m/s²

Brand:  STIHL
Power Source:  Petrol

Part Number:  MS461
SKU: S1-MS461

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