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STIHL MS 150 TC-E Petrol Chainsaw

STIHL MS 150 TC-E Petrol Chainsaw
Our Price:  £496.00(Inc. 20% VAT)


Discontinued, no stock available.


A lightweight saw ideal for professional arborists.

The MS 150 TC-E chainsaw is the ideal tool for any professionals in the tree care industry. Choose from a 10 or 12 inch bar length.

Comfortable & hassle-free operation

This is the lightest chainsaw in STIHL's range, weighing just 2.6 kg (excluding bar, chain and fuel). This makes it exceptionally easy to handle, while the anti-vibration technology built into the machine also helps reduce fatigue when operating over long periods. Tool-free oil and fuel caps save you from the stress and spills of complex filling systems, and a side chain tensioner ensures you can avoid contact with the sharp saw chain.

Effortless starting & clever features

STIHL's ErgoStart system cuts the effort needed to start the chainsaw in half, as well as reducing the force required to pull the starter cord by two-thirds. A purger reduces the number of starting strokes, so you will find it takes less time and less energy to start your machine. The engine's air filter is easily accessible, without the need for tools, so it's easy to clean. When it does become clogged, however, a compensator in the carburettor prevents the fuel-air mixture from getting richer - keeping the ratio (and also the engine power) constant.

Excellent cutting performance to weight ratio

Advanced technology allows for optimal combustion and highly efficient performance. The 2-MIX 2-stroke engine boasts a four-channel cylinder as well as a stratified charge system, using less fuel and fewer emissions, while still providing great levels of performance. The 1/4 inch Picco chain and bar provides low-vibration and low-kickback operation, transforming that performance into accurate cutting power. You can choose from a 10 or 12 inch bar length, depending on your requirements. 

Note: This product is not available for direct delivery:

Due to STIHL's delivery policy, this product is not available for direct delivery. If you would like to purchase it, you will need to collect it from a branch, at which point you will receive a detailed handover of the product to ensure you get the most from your new machine. 

Cylinder Displacement: 23.6cc 2-mix
Power Output: 1.3 hp / 1.0 kW
Weight Excluding Fuel, Guide Bar and Chain: 2.6 kg
Weight to Power Ratio: 2.6kg/kw
Oilomatic Saw Chain Pitch: 1/4" P
Oilomatic Saw Chain Type: PM3
AntiVibration System: Standard
Side Mounted Chain Tensioning: Standard
Chain Quick Tensioning: N/A
QuickStop Super Chain Brake: N/A
Decompression Valve: N/A
ElastoStart: N/A
Compensator: Standard
Long Life Air Filter System: N/A
Tool-Free Tank Cap: Standard
Catalytic Converter: N/A
Heated Handle: N/A
Vibrations Left Handle: 4.9 m/s²
Vibrations Right Handle: 4.9 m/s²

Brand:  STIHL
Power Source:  Petrol

Part Number:  MS150TC-E

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