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STIHL IMOW RMI422PC Robotic Lawnmower

STIHL IMOW RMI422PC Robotic Lawnmower
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Efficient and Sturdy RMI422PC Robotic Mower 

Ideal for medium-sized lawns up to 1700 m2 this robotic lawn mower is effortless to use, and extremely efficient, creating superb results in a short period of time. 

Durable and uses cutting edge technologies

The hood of the robotic mower protects the machine from weather or obstacle damage and features the added benefit of possessing integrated sensors. These sensors, when activated by making contact with an obstacle, carry out a switch in mowing direction to continue delivering an excellent mowing performance.

Additionally, the RMI422PC has tilt sensors which makes sure that the mower automatically adjusts speeds when mowing on uneven ground, capable of slopes of up to 40%, ensuring superb results are always achieved. This adaptable machine allows for precise cutting pattern even when mowing high grass due to the strong and robust blade on the mulching mower deck.

Convenient mowing and user-friendly

The RMI422PC can ensure that mowing takes place at specific times and days using the manual set up. In the active times the mower automatically establishes the perfect time to mow in order to achieve a superb finish with a battery capacity of 80Wh and a 20 cm cutting width. Ultimately this machine is very efficient, and easy for anyone to use, delivering top quality results

The RMI422PC iMOW robotic mower can be accessed and controlled using the iMOW app. With minimal effort this allows you to to send your mower out, change the mowing plans, send it back to dock and so much more.


  • Maximum lawn area (m2): 1700
  • Maximum gradient (%): 40
  • Cutting width (cm): 20
  • Cutting height (cm): 20-60 (multi-level)
  • Duration of mowing ( per week/h): 28
  • Rated output (W): 60
  • Working speed (rpm): 4450
  • Battery type: lithium-ion
  • Weight (kg):  10
  • Measured sound power level LWA(dB(A)): 60
  • Measured sound pressure level LPA  (dB(A)): 49
  • Uncertainty factor Sound pressure level KPA (dB(A)):​ 2
  • Measured sound power level guaranteed LWA +  KWA dB(A)):​ 62
  • Moving hood with sensors: as standard
  • Mulch mower unit: as standard
  • Removable control console: -
  • App access: as standard
  • Adaptive slope speed: as standard
  • Dynamic mowing plan: as standard

Brand:  STIHL

Part Number:  63010111447

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