STIHL AutoCut 25-2 Mowing Head

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Easily renew your mowing line as it wears with this head.

Benefiting from the use of two lines for efficient mowing and clearing tasks, this AutoCut 25-2 mowing head is a great choice. It allows you to effortlessly renew the line as it wears, by tapping the head on the ground.

It is suitable for use with these models (and others, please check with us first if in doubt):

For FS 55 R / FS 56 RC-E / FS 56 C-E / FS 70 RC-E / FS 70 C-E / FS 55 / FS 91 / FS 111 / FS 94 RC-E / FS 94 C-E / FS 131 / FS 240 C-E / FSA 90 R / FSA 90 / FSA 130 R / FSA 130 / FR 131 T / FR 460 TC-EFM.


To fit the following STIHL models: 

FSA 90, FSA 90 R, FS25-4, FS44, FS55/KM55, FS56/KM56, FS65-4, FS66, FS70C-E, FS74, FS76, FS80 (1996 Onwards) FS85/KM85/FR85T, FS86, FS87, FS88, FS90/KM90, FS96, FS100/KM100, FS106, FS108, FS110/FS110T/KM110, FS120, FS130/KM130/FR110T, FS200 (1997 Onwards) FS250, FR130T, FR450, FR480 C-F, FS-KM / AC Combi Tool Attachment

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