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This month we have great savings on a range of STIHL chainsaws, featuring the MS 170, 171, 180 and 181 models.

Depending on the model in question, you can either get 50% off STIHL's HANDYCUT pruning saw, when purchased with these chainsaws, or a HANDYCUT completely free. All of these models will also be supplied with a FREE chainsaw bag.

Offer 1: MS 170 & MS 180

Offer 2: MS 171 & MS 181

This gives you savings of over £56 on the RRP and is only available while stocks last, so don't miss out!

STIHL MS 170 and MS 180 (Free chainsaw bag & 50% off HANDYCUT pruning saw):

While stocks last, get a free chainsaw bag with all orders of the STIHL MS 170 and MS 180, plus save 50% on STIHL's HANDYCUT folding pruning saw when purchased with these machines.

STIHL MS 170 Petrol Chainsaw

STIHL MS 170 Petrol Chainsaw£189.00   £149.00

A fantastic entry-level chainsaw from STIHL that's ideal for cutting firewood. With an economical and efficient 2-MIX engine, and easy to use operating controls. This model has a 12 inch bar length.

STIHL MS 180 Petrol Chainsaw

STIHL MS 180 Petrol Chainsaw£255.00   £194.00

A 1.4 kW petrol chainsaw that is compact while retaining plenty of power and performance, ideal for cutting firewood and property maintenance. With a 14 inch / 35 cm bar length.

STIHL MS 171 and MS 181 (Free chainsaw bag & free HANDYCUT pruning saw):

While stocks last, get a free chainsaw bag and a free HANDYCUT folding pruning saw with all orders of the STIHL MS 171 and MS 181.

STIHL MS 171 Petrol Chainsaw

STIHL MS 171 Petrol Chainsaw£234.00  -  £239.00

An ideal chainsaw for general cutting and trimming, or other garden maintenance tasks. Perfect as an occasional use saw. With a choice of 12 or 14 inch bar lengths.

STIHL MS 181 Petrol Chainsaw

STIHL MS 181 Petrol Chainsaw£279.00  -  £283.00

The perfect saw for around-the-garden cutting jobs, such as chopping firewood, building work and felling small trees. With a choice of 12 inch, 14 inch or 16 inch bar lengths.

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