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Protective Equipment

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HUSQVARNA One-Layer Under Shirt

HUSQVARNA One-Layer Under Shirt£19.95   £15.99

Made of 100 percent interlock-knitted polyester, this undershirt helps move moisture away from your skin and boasts good ventilation. It is designed to be worn closest to the body, under other clothes.

HUSQVARNA One-Layer Under Trousers

HUSQVARNA One-Layer Under Trousers£19.95   £15.99

Intended to be worn next to the skin, the clever design of these trousers' material allows moisture to be moved away from the skin and to the next layer of clothing, for excellent ventilation.

HUSQVARNA Metal Clip Braces

HUSQVARNA Metal Clip Braces£20.00   £16.00

With strong metal clips, these Husqvarna braces are designed to easily attach to your chainsaw trousers or chaps. They feature extra wide straps and an adjustable length.

15% off rrp
STEIN gecko supersafe karabiner

STEIN gecko supersafe karabiner£16.00

Stein Gecko supersafe carabiner

STIHL CARVER Safety Gloves

STIHL CARVER Safety Gloves£16.20

With excellent levels of comfort thanks to lateral air vents in the fingers and the gloves' composition of black synthetic leather, orange Spandex and neoprene, STIHL's CARVER Professional work gloves are a great addition to your equipment.

HUSQVARNA CLEAR X Protective Glasses

HUSQVARNA CLEAR X Protective Glasses£16.75

With non-scratch, clear lenses that you are able to angle to suit the job at hand, plus frames that are easily extended to provide a perfect fit, these are excellent protective glasses.

15% off rrp
STEIN mongoose supersafe karabiner

STEIN mongoose supersafe karabiner£17.00

Stein mongoose supersafe karabiner

STIHL Black Metal Clip Braces

STIHL Black Metal Clip Braces£17.10

These black trouser braces for trousers with metal clips allow you to keep them secured in place and measure 130 cm in length. They use STIHL's distinctive colouring and are made of 70% polyamide and 30% rubber.

STIHL MS ERGO Forestry Gloves

STIHL MS ERGO Forestry Gloves£17.10

This is a pair of professional work gloves made from full grain leather with textile backing. With padded interior surfaces offering superb comfort, reflective stripes and orange colouring for visibility, they are ideal for forestry professionals.

STIHL Orange Button Braces

STIHL Orange Button Braces£17.10

A simple pair of orange braces, complete with buttons, to allow you to connect them to safety trousers. With excellent visibility afforded by the orange colouring.

15% off rrp
STEIN skyline throw line 1.8mm

STEIN skyline throw line 1.8mm£17.34

Stein skyline throw line 1.8mm in yellow

HUSQVARNA Leather Strap Braces

HUSQVARNA Leather Strap Braces£22.00   £17.60

Ideal for use with chainsaw trousers or chaps, these braces use leather straps so that they can be secured to the trousers by tying them on rather than clamping with metal clips. With adjustable length.

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protectors

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protectors£17.95

A great value way to protect your hearing, these Husqvarna earmuffs feature basic ear protectors along with an extra wide headband for a secure, comfortable fit and less pressure on your head.

STEIN Basic Rope Bag

STEIN Basic Rope Bag£18.36

Stein Basic Rope Bag

STEIN Hi-Viz T-shirt Orange - Size Large

STEIN Hi-Viz T-shirt Orange - Size Large£18.36

Stein hi-viz t-shirt orange size large

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Page 4 of 14:    202 Items
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