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Protective Equipment

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STEIN deluxe throwbag 340 grams

STEIN deluxe throwbag 340 grams£12.24

STEIN deluxe throwbag 340 grams

15% off rrp
STEIN deluxe throwbag 460 grams

STEIN deluxe throwbag 460 grams£12.24

STEIN Deluxe 460 gram Throwbag, Strong Latex Pouch,aerodynamic design,nickel plated ring

15% off rrp
STEIN bungee tool strop

STEIN bungee tool strop£12.75

STEIN SS-2W0253 bungee tool strop

STIHL Orange Metal Clip Braces

STIHL Orange Metal Clip Braces£13.05  -  £14.85

These high-visibility orange braces are designed to keep trousers securely in place while working. They use metal clips and plastic inserts and you can choose between 110 cm or 130 cm lengths.

STIHL CONCEPT 24 Ear Protectors

STIHL CONCEPT 24 Ear Protectors£13.50

These robust ear protectors feature a robust, stable, breathable metal headband and soft pads for a comfortable fit. They are able to protect your ears up to 104 dB(A).

HUSQVARNA SUN X Protective Glasses

HUSQVARNA SUN X Protective Glasses£14.00

These tinted protective glasses not only feature non-scratch, angle-able lenses that keep your eyes covered, but help guard against UV rays and ensure you can work in sunny conditions.

HUSQVARNA YELLOW X Protective Glasses

HUSQVARNA YELLOW X Protective Glasses£14.00

Helping to provide you with excellent visibility even in dark conditions, these yellow tinted protective glasses also boast extendable frames and non-scratch lenses.

15% off rrp
STEIN mini reach retiever

STEIN mini reach retiever£14.00

Stein Mini reach retiever to assist tree climbers to retrieve lines that may be out of reach.

15% off rrp
STEIN oval supersafe karabiner

STEIN oval supersafe karabiner£14.00

Stein oval supersafe karabiner

15% off rrp
STEIN hms supersafe karabiner

STEIN hms supersafe karabiner£15.00

Stein Supersafe Aluminium karabiner,3 way action

15% off rrp
STEIN prusik loop 65cm

STEIN prusik loop 65cm£15.00

Stein prusik loop 65cm

15% off rrp
STEIN swing cheek pulley

STEIN swing cheek pulley£15.00

Stein swing cheek pulley

HUSQVARNA Protective Goggles

HUSQVARNA Protective Goggles£15.08

Ideal for users that wear eyeglasses, these protective goggles from Husqvarna also feature anti-fog coated lenses with a soft inside so that they are comfortable to wear.

15% off rrp
STEIN skyline throw line 1.5mm

STEIN skyline throw line 1.5mm£15.30

STEIN Trouser Braces

STEIN Trouser Braces£15.30

Stein Braces

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Page 3 of 14:    206 Items
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