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Protective Equipment

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Stihl Function Sensotouch Gloves

Stihl Function Sensotouch Gloves£4.50   £4.00

STIHL Function Universal Gloves

STIHL Function Universal Gloves£4.50   £4.00

STIHL Function Durogrip Gloves

STIHL Function Durogrip Gloves£6.50   £6.00


STIHL STANDARD Safety Glasses£6.00

STIHL's safety glasses include side and 100% UV protection, as well as being suitable for spectacle-wearers. They conform to EN 166 and are ideal for occasional use.

STIHL Function ThermoGrip Gloves

STIHL Function ThermoGrip Gloves£7.50   £7.00

STIHL CONCEPT 23 Ear Protectors

STIHL CONCEPT 23 Ear Protectors£9.90

These extremely light ear protectors include soft pads for a comfortable fit, and adjustable ear protectors/headband. Suitable for providing protection up to 103 dB(A).


STIHL ASTROSPEC Safety Glasses£10.35

With side protection, an adjustable and replaceable visor, and adjustable arms, STIHL's ASTROSPEC glasses represent great value. You can choose between tinted or clear designs. Conforms to EN 166.

STIHL Dynamic Duro Gloves

STIHL Dynamic Duro Gloves£12.00   £11.00

STIHL Knee Protectors

STIHL Knee Protectors£11.50   £11.00

These black knee protectors are designed to be inserted into knee-pad pockets. They meet BS EN 14404 and are compatible with knee pockets of all standard work trousers.

HUSQVARNA CLEAR X Protective Glasses

HUSQVARNA CLEAR X Protective Glasses£11.70

With non-scratch, clear lenses that you are able to angle to suit the job at hand, plus frames that are easily extended to provide a perfect fit, these are excellent protective glasses.

HUSQVARNA YELLOW X Protective Glasses

HUSQVARNA YELLOW X Protective Glasses£12.33

Helping to provide you with excellent visibility even in dark conditions, these yellow tinted protective glasses also boast extendable frames and non-scratch lenses.

STIHL Chin Strap

STIHL Chin Strap£14.00   £13.00

The STIHL chin strap will keep your protective helmet in place whatever task you are undertaking, compatible for use with the advance series of STIHL helmets.


STIHL CONTRAST Safety Glasses£14.00   £13.00

STIHL's CONTRAST safety glasses come in a choice of four colours so that you can get the perfect product for the conditions or job at hand. Complete with side protection, padded earpieces and a non-misting interior.

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protectors

HUSQVARNA Hearing Protectors£13.05

A great value way to protect your hearing, these Husqvarna earmuffs feature basic ear protectors along with an extra wide headband for a secure, comfortable fit and less pressure on your head.

HUSQVARNA SUN X Protective Glasses

HUSQVARNA SUN X Protective Glasses£14.00

These tinted protective glasses not only feature non-scratch, angle-able lenses that keep your eyes covered, but help guard against UV rays and ensure you can work in sunny conditions.

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Page 1 of 9:    134 Items
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