PELLENC SELION P180 Professional Battery Pole Pruner

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The SELION Range of Pole Saws are very light and quiet, and designed for professional use. There are 4 models in the range - the P130,P180 which are at a fixed length of 1.30m, the telescopic T150/200 has a length of 1.50m extending to 2.0m and the T220/300 has a length of 2.2m extending to 3.0m. Each model is powered by the Advanced Pellenc 1200 watt motor, which is equivalent to a 30cc petrol unit. The Pole Pruner is fitted with a multi-position tilting head, with a 25cm/10" cutting bar, with automatic chain tension, and electronic oil flow rate control. Other features include a safety trigger on the handle, an inbuilt oil reservoir, a carbon fibre fixed or telescopic pole for strength and lightweight.

Shell only - supplied without battery and charger


Motor: 1200 watt
Motor Speed: 5200 rpm
Pole Length: 180cm
Guide Bar Length: 10"/25cm
Chain Speed: 10.3 m/s
Oil Tank Capacity: 25cl
Sound Level db(A): 86
Vibration Level: 2.5 m/s
Peristaltic Pump: Yes
Automatic Chain Tension: Yes
Integrated Folding Key: Yes
Battery Life with ULiB 1100: Up to 2 days
Weight: 2.7kg

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