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HUSQVARNA 105 Automower

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HUSQVARNA Automower Installation KitHUSQVARNA Automower Installation Kit
HUSQVARNA Automower Maintenance and Cleaning KitHUSQVARNA Automower Maintenance and Cleaning Kit
HUSQVARNA Automower Wall HangerHUSQVARNA Automower Wall Hanger

A fantastic value solution for truly effortless mowing

Husqvarna are industry leaders in Automower® technology - producing high quality, efficient and great value mowers that take care of your lawn for you.

Easy to set up, operate & maintain

Once set up, the 105 is entirely self-sufficient, trimming your lawn to a precise, perfect cut. When low on power, it will automatically find its way back to the charging station to recharge itself. The machine's cutting height is easily adjusted by turning a single, large knob, while it is also completely weather-proof - built to withstand harsh climates and work all-year round, regardless of weather conditions.

Reliable & secure

From twenty years of development, Husqvarna have refined their Automower® concept to accomplish the highest levels of reliability, quality and cutting performance, requiring a minimal level of user interaction. A PIN code lock allows you to keep your machine secure, while an anti-theft alarm offers maximum security, activated based on your settings. With built-in lift and tilt sensors, the cutting automatically shuts off when the Automower® is lifted off the ground or tips over. The blades rotate far from the outer edge of the machine, for additional safety.

Low energy, high-performance

Efficient energy management results in low energy consumption, operating at a fraction of the cost of conventional lawn mowers. As an electric machine, the Husqvarna Automower® range produces no harmful emissions, and a timer allows you to set whether you want the machine to operate around the clock, seven days a week. A free movement pattern means your lawn is perfectly cut, for a carpet-like look. Cutting just a little but very frequently, you can expect a healthy lawn, while effectively preventing moss growth.

Installation of Automower® is required

We strongly recommend one of our trained technicians installs Automower® for you, we can provide a quote after a site survey. Automower® can be self-installed by a knowledgeable individual, there are various installation kits available with the smallest being the most suitable for this model. Additional wire, pegs, splicers, and connectors can be purchased separately if required.

To learn more about how Automower® works, the video below is packed full of useful information.

  • Working area: 600 m2
  • Area per hour: 43 m2
  • Maximum incline: 25%
  • Cutting height: 20-50mm
  • Noise level: 61 db(A)
  • Power consumptionL 20W
  • Weatherproof
  • anti-theft alarm
  • Lift and tilt sensors
You will require a unique PIN code to operate Automower®. For safety reasons we cannot give this out prior to you receiving the robotic mower; please contact us upon safe receipt of your Automower® - if we aren't installing it - and we will provide you with your unique security pin code.

Power Source:  Mains Electricity
Working Area:  up to 600 m2
Maximum Incline:  25% / 14║

Part Number:  967645403
SKU: H3-AM105

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