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eXtreme Long-Life Robot Mower Safety Cable

We are pleased to be able to stock this 3.8 mm thick robot mower and Automower safety cable. This has unique advantages for us as installers, as it means we see no incidents of cable breakages in these wires when used to set up a new robot mower.

Cable breakages

Cable breakages can be caused by anything from a spade going into the ground to lawn edgers or other gardening tools, while some rodents will also chew through them. These breakages not only disrupt your robot mowers intended mowing pattern, but can also be costly to fix.

A spade going through a robot mower cable

An innovative design

Thanks to the innovative design of the eXtreme Long Life Safety Cable and its added thickness (3.8 mm), this becomes a thing of the past. The cable itself is coated with a metal mesh of tinned copper, which gives it that additional level of protection. An outer coating of green plastic helps to protect against corrosion.

If you want complete peace of mind that your new robot mower installation is going to be able to take anything your garden can throw at it, then this is the cable to go for.

Choose Ron Smith for your robot mower installation

It is supplied on large drums, but of course if you choose us for your installation you will only pay for as much as you need. Find out more about our installation service or view the product page for the eXtreme cable itself below.

EXTREME Automower Cable (800 m)

EXTREME Automower Cable (800 m)£1,032.00

Able to withstand blows from a spade, as well as impacts from rodents and other garden tools, this Extreme Long Life Safety Cable is 3.8 mm thick and is supplied in an 800 metre roll.

Check out the videos below for more information

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