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STIHL FSA 85 Cordless Strimmer (Shell Only)

STIHL FSA 85 Cordless Strimmer (Shell Only)£218.50

The FSA 85 is a powerful and light cordless grass trimmer, with all the quality you would expect from STIHL, including excellent cutting performance thansk to the AutoCut C 4-2 nylon line mowing head. Sold without battery or charger.

MITOX 270LX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer

MITOX 270LX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer£249.00   £219.00

Boasting 1 kW power output and with a premium build quality, this versatile brushcutter from Mitox is well-suited to clearing thick grass and weeds. Includes a nylon line head and metal tri-blade.

STIGA SBC 80D AE Cordless Brushcutter (Shell Only)

STIGA SBC 80D AE Cordless Brushcutter (Shell Only)£249.00   £219.00

The perfect performance of a petrol machine and the innovative features of a battery-powered device blended in one tool. Supplied as a shell only with battery and charger sold separately.

HUSQVARNA 115iL Cordless Grass Strimmer (Kit)

HUSQVARNA 115iL Cordless Grass Strimmer (Kit)£250.00   £225.00

For easy trimming of your lawn's edges, this cordless grass trimmer from Husqvarna is lightweight and comfortable to work with, taking the hassle out of garden maintenance. Supplied in a kit with a BLi10 battery and QC80 charger.

ECHO SRM222ES Strimmer and Brushcutter

ECHO SRM222ES Strimmer and Brushcutter£229.00

the perfect tool for the discerning homeowner who is looking for a high-performance two-stroke brushcutter

MITOX 270UX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer

MITOX 270UX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer£269.00   £229.00

A great choice for carrying out demanding domestic jobs or for landowners, this is a premium bike-handled brushcutter, supplied complete with a nylon line head and three tooth metal tri-blade.

MITOX 43U SELECT Brushcutter / Strimmer

MITOX 43U SELECT Brushcutter / Strimmer£269.00   £229.00

An ideal petrol brushcutter for those tougher domestic jobs, this model boasts a more powerful engine for increased performance. It comes complete with a trimmer head and metal grass blade, and features Auto-Choke for simpler starting.

STIGA SBC 242 D Brushcutter

STIGA SBC 242 D Brushcutter£269.00   £229.00

This environmentally friendly and innovative petrol brushcutter from Stiga comes with a Tap 'n' Go nylon line head as well as a 3-tooth metal grass blade, with handlebar control.

HUSQVARNA 129RJ Brushcutter

HUSQVARNA 129RJ Brushcutter£275.00   £234.00


A powerful and lightweight petrol brushcutter, this model boats a J-handle for improved versatility, and is supplied with a Tap 'n' Go line head as well as a four tooth metal grass blade.

STIHL FS 55 R Brushcutter

STIHL FS 55 R Brushcutter£248.00

An entry level straight shaft brushcutter with loop handle, perfect for difficult terrain and confined conditions. A functional modern design with excellent balance and complete with an AutoCut line head. 

TANAKA TBC 2390 Strimmer

TANAKA TBC 2390 Strimmer£309.00   £249.00

This straight shaft grass trimmer from Tanaka is a high-quality petrol machine, featuring a low emission two-stroke engine with easier starting, plus a Tap & Go line head for easy operation.

MITOX 360UX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer

MITOX 360UX PREMIUM Brushcutter / Strimmer£299.00   £269.00

With a powerful yet efficient 36.3cc petrol engine, this premium brushcutter also benefits from reliable, easier starting. Coming complete with a bump feed cutter head and heavy duty metal blade.

STIGA SBC 252 D Brushcutter

STIGA SBC 252 D Brushcutter£329.00   £269.00

This comfortable, high performance and environmentally friendly brushcutter is ideal for light and tougher garden cutting jobs, complete with bike-handled control for smooth operation over larger areas.

STIHL FS 55 Brushcutter

STIHL FS 55 Brushcutter£270.00

This is a low weight, compact petrol brushcutter  from STIHL, with an adjustable bike handle making it ideal for larger mowing tasks.

HUSQVARNA 536LILX Cordless Strimmer (Shell Only)

HUSQVARNA 536LILX Cordless Strimmer (Shell Only)£310.00   £279.00

Ideal for professional users, this is a high-performance trimmer with a two-way rotation head and loop-handled control that's perfect for use in close-quarters. Battery and charger available separately.

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Page 4 of 12:    172 Items
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