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BOB-CAT QUICKCAT Zero-Turn Stand-On Lawn Mower

BOB-CAT QUICKCAT Zero-Turn Stand-On Lawn Mower
BOB-CAT QUICKCAT Zero-Turn Stand-On Lawn MowerBOB-CAT QUICKCAT Zero-Turn Stand-On Lawn MowerBOB-CAT QUICKCAT Zero-Turn Stand-On Lawn MowerBOB-CAT QUICKCAT Zero-Turn Stand-On Lawn Mower
Our Price:  £9,108.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Bob-Cat's first-ever stand-on mower is the most reliable, toughest and best-performing machine of its type.

Benefiting from excellent levels of stability, speed and cut quality, the QuickCat range is an exceptional line of commercial mowers to work with.

Superb visibility, manoeuvrability & balance

As a stand-on mower, the QuickCat models are able to be smaller and more nimble than ride-on machines. Your operating position at the centre of the pivot axis provides fantastic balance and visibility, while the compact size and Zero-Turn functionality results in exceptional manoeuvrability in tight spaces as well as easy loading for transportation.

An efficient machine with great performance

As the name suggests, the QuickCat is a fast machine with a transport speed of up to 10.5 mph and mowing speeds up to 8 mph, allowing you to get big jobs done more quickly. Reliable and powerful Kawasaki engines give the machines their performance, while the choice of 36, 48, 52 and 61 inch cutting widths help with mowing large areas. These are highly durable decks with a floating design that improves the finish and ease of maintenance.

A pleasure to operate

As well as the excellent operating position, comfort is also provided by the extra-large drive tyres, giving a smoother ride and better traction. The protected fuel tank is low centred, which improves the stability and balance of the machine, while higher ground clearance means moving on and off high kerbs can be done in safety. The removable rider pad enables simple maintenance when required.

Comes with a 6 year / 2000 hour conditional warranty.

  • Unit Model: 912360 (36 inch) / 912480 (48 inch) / 912520 (52 inch) / 912610 (61 inch)
  • Engine Model: Kawasaki FX600V / Kawasaki FX651V / Kawasaki FX691V / Kawasaki FX730V
  • Engine Displacement: 603 cc / 726 cc / 726 cc / 726 cc
  • Fuel Capacity: 5.1 gal. / 6.5 gal. / 6.5 gal. / 6.5 gal.
  • Air Filtration: Dual Stage Canister
  • Charging System: 15 amp
  • Clutch: 125 ft. lb. / 200 ft. lb. / 200 ft. lb. / 200 ft. lb.
  • Mower Deck: DuraDeck Cutting System
  • Leading Edges: Adjustable
  • Cutting Width: 36 inch / 48 inch / 52 inch / 61 inch
  • Anti Scalp Rollers: 3 / 4 / 4 / 7
  • Cutting Height: 1.5 - 4.5 inches
  • Blade Tip Speed: 17,600 fpm @ 3550 engine rpm / 18,000 fpm @3550 engine rpm / 18,400 fpm @3550 engine rpm / 18,800 fpm @3550 engine rpm
  • Discharge Chute: Flexible Molded Polymer
  • Frame Form Welded: Form welded with structural tubing
  • Machine Weight: 775 lbs. / 886 lbs. / 916 lbs. / 953 lbs.
  • Machine Length: 64 inches / 64 inches / 64 inches / 68 inches
  • Transmission Type: HG ZT-3100 Hydrostatic Transaxles / HG ZT-3400 Hydrostatic Transaxles / HG ZT-3400 Hydrostatic Transaxles / HG ZT-3400 Hydrostatic Transaxles 
  • Transmission Displacement: 10 cc / 12 cc / 12 cc / 12 cc
  • Oil Capacity: 4 qts.
  • Ground Speed: 9 mph / 10.5 mph / 10.5 mph / 10.5 mph
  • Motion Control Levers: Adjustable; Cut and Transport Speed Control
  • Drive Wheel Size: 20 x 8-10 / 23 x 8.5-12.0 / 23 x 10.5-12.0 / 23 x 10.5-12.0
  • Front Caster Size: 11 x 4.0-5 / 13 x 5.0-6 / 13 x 5.0-6 / / 13 x 5.0-6
  • Caster Type: Pneumatic
  • Operator Platform Adjustment: Flip up and latch
  • Rider Pad: Tethered, removable for service
  • Vibration Isolation: Dampened
  • Warranty: 6 year / 2000 hour MOW WITH CONFIDENCE Limited Warranty

Brand:  BOBCAT
Power Source:  Petrol

Part Number:  QUICK-CAT

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