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ALLETT UC43 Dethatching Cartridge

ALLETT UC43 Dethatching Cartridge
Our Price:  £299.00(Inc. 20% VAT)


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Dethatching cartridge for the Allett Stirling 43 mower

The most aggressive cartridge perfect for penetrating the soil to a max depth of 6mm, this cartridge boasts wider spaced thicker lines superb for removing thatch effectively. Able to remove 2x the amount of thatch that the verticutter cartridge achieves. Heavily permeating the surface of the soil this cartridge removes layers of thatch, leaves, dead grass, and weed growth preventing against disease. Measuring 17 inches this product is part of Allett’s ultra-change system, meaning this can be switched in and out of the mower in a humble 7 seconds.

Ideal time to use the Dethatcher Cartridge

Typically, in the spring or autumn thatch should be carried out at least once a year, when moisture is around for the lawn to regrow.

  • Width: 43 cm / 17 inch
  • Cultivation depth: up to 6 mm

Brand:  ALLETT

Part Number:  UC43D

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