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Winter Weather

MTD M53 Snow Thrower

MTD M53 Snow Thrower£419.00

A single stage snow thrower that is an extremely cost effective machine that can tackle most domestic applications. With a clearing width of 53 cm / 21 inches and 180 degree chute rotation.

HUSQVARNA 5524ST Snow Thrower

HUSQVARNA 5524ST Snow Thrower£1,299.00

This is a powerful 2-stage snow blower, powered by a robust Briggs and Stratton 205cc Snow Series MAX engine, which has been designed for use in extreme conditions.

BCS 740 + Snow Thrower Bundle

BCS 740 + Snow Thrower Bundle£3,150.00

A great value bundle including the BCS 740 Honda Recoil power unit plus a 28 inch snow blower, this is an ideal solution to clear all types of snow up to 40 cm deep and send it up to 16 metres away.

BCS 615L Power Unit (Honda GP 160 / GX200)

BCS 615L Power Unit (Honda GP 160 / GX200)£1,475.00  -  £1,670.00

Compatible with a large selection of accessories and implements for versatile operation, this is a compact and easy to use power unit with a choice between a Honda GP160 or the larger Honda GX2000 engine.

CAMON C8 Tiller

CAMON C8 Tiller£2,634.00   £2,435.00

Camon Tillers C8 Honda 8.0hp OHV Engine,20" working width,1 forward speeds & 1 reverse.

BCS 80 cm Snow Brush Attachment

BCS 80 cm Snow Brush Attachment£1,350.00   £1,255.00

BCS Snow Brush Attachment 80cm working width

BCS 100 cm Snow / Dozer Blade Attachment

BCS 100 cm Snow / Dozer Blade Attachment£702.00   £655.00

BCS Snow Plough Attachment 100cm working width

BCS 100 cm Snow Brush Attachment

BCS 100 cm Snow Brush Attachment£1,458.00   £1,355.00

BCS Snow Brush Attachment100cm working width

BCS 24 inch Snow Blower Attachment

BCS 24 inch Snow Blower Attachment£918.00   £872.00

BCS Snow Blower Attachment 24" Working Width

BCS 28 inch Snow Blower Attachment

BCS 28 inch Snow Blower Attachment£954.00   £906.00

BCS Snow Blower Attachment 28" Working Width

AGRI-FAB 45-0409 Spreader

AGRI-FAB 45-0409 Spreader£65.00

Agri-Fab 45-0409 push broadcast spreader 50lb

SPYKER P20-5010 Spreaders Model

SPYKER P20-5010 Spreaders Model£295.32   £273.00

Spyker P20-5010 Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader with an 18 kg Capacity

AGRI-FAB 45-0329 Spreader

AGRI-FAB 45-0329 Spreader£332.00

Agri-Fab 45-0329 ATV Towed Broadcast Spreader 79kg capacity

MEYER HOTSHOT 70HD Salt Spreader

MEYER HOTSHOT 70HD Salt Spreader£540.00

An easy to manoeuvre and heavy-duty machine, this broadcast spreader is built to survive all-season use. It is well-suited to use with rock sale, ice melt, fertiliser, limestone, top-dress sand and more.

ALPINA Traditional Snow Shovel

ALPINA Traditional Snow Shovel£9.98

ALPINA Hand Tools "Traditional" Snow Shovel complete with Wooden Handle

WOLF-GARTEN Aluminium Snow Shovel

WOLF-GARTEN Aluminium Snow Shovel£58.49

Benefiting from its 45 cm aluminium head, this robust snow shovel excels when performing tough lifting of snow, with its robust construction and cold shock resistance down to -40 degrees C.

WOLF-GARTEN Plastic Snow Shovel

WOLF-GARTEN Plastic Snow Shovel£40.50

A 120 cm long snow shovel with a D-grip handle and 42 cm wide head, this tool excels when pushing, lifting and moving snow. Its cold resistance down to -30 C and robust construction ensures it won't let you down.


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