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STIHL MM 55 MultiEngine

STIHL MM 56 MultiEngine

STIHL MM 56 MultiEngine£480.00

With its folding frame, simplified starting sequence and compatibility with all of STIHL's MultiSystem attachments, the new MM 56 is the most advanced MultiEngine ever produced.

Tackle a variety of lawn-care, soil cultivation and clearing jobs with STIHL's MultiSystem.

Whether you are looking to aerate your lawn, cultivate your soil or clean surfaces, the MM 55 is the power unit that drives all the accessories of the MultiSystem. It also now includes the wheel kit accessory as standard.

Easy operation & storage

STIHL have designed the MultiSystem to be easy to store and transport, which is particularly useful given its versatility. The handles fold down, with the whole machine able to reach a compact size without the need for additional tools. It is easy to operate and control, thanks to a multi-function handle that places all of the engine controls in one location. 

Durable & intelligent design

A manual fuel pump is available to deliver fuel to the carburettor at the touch of a button, when required. This reduces the number of starting pulls needed following extended breaks in operation. There is also a shielded spark plug cover integrated into the housing to protect the motor against damage.

Seven MultiTools for all kinds of jobs

The assortment of MultiTools available to be used with this engine can be swapped quickly and easily, making it the perfect tool for small landowners, allotment users or anyone looking to keep their garden at its best. With the wheel kit accessory also now included as standard, you can get fantastic results using STIHL's MultiSystem. 

This is the engine only - a MultiTool accessory must be purchased to use it.

Displacement: 27.3 cm³
Power Output: 1 hp / 0.75 kW
Paper Air Filter: Yes
Folding Frame: Yes
Vibration Levels Left / Right: 2.4 / 3.6 m/s²
Weight: 11.1 kg

Brand:  STIHL
Power Source:  Petrol

Part Number:  MM55

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